Friday, September 25, 2009

Deeth joins Des Moines Register

A New Relationship

I started a new relationship today.

Don't worry, Koni and I are still happily married. My new relationship is a journalistic one.

I will be appearing on the Des Moines Register site, and perhaps occasionally in print, as a guest political blogger. The Register has expanded its political blog section, and my mission is to provide "strong opinions" "from the left." Several of Iowa's bloggers of the left, right and middle will also be there.

Long-time Deeth Blog readers will notice some subtle changes here. Some of my writing will be exclusive to the Register. My first is already there. In general, I plan to post more of my state and national level commentary there. The Deeth Blog will still host my local stuff along with all the music, Smallest Farm, and Linux Monday posts you've learned to love.

So thanks again for reading, now please read me both places. And as you see from my Official Register Portrait, I get to keep the beret.

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