Friday, September 25, 2009

Mims Mailing Lands

Mims in Mailboxes

Iowa City council candidate Susan Mims hit mailboxes with her first piece this week. "I consider myself a political moderate," begins one paragraph.

Back of the flyer is a list of prominent supporters, duplicated on her web site. It's very similar to the Terry Dickens list, mostly prominent business types associated with past "Chamber" type campaigns. But a couple prominent Democratic names pop up for Mims, most notably new school board member Sarah Swisher.

Mims, after a slightly later start, also seems to be catching up with Dickens in the sign war contest.

Student candidates Jared Bazzell and Jeff Shipley also have full-blown web sites, while Dan Tallon is limited to a Facebook presence. But as of today's deadline for traditional voter registration for the Oct. 6 primary, the massive waves of student interest that we saw in 2001 and especially 2007 don't seem to be happening.

Voters can still register after today with the election day registration procedure, which requires ID and proof of address.

Meanwhile, the race between challenger Mark McCallum and incumbent Connie Champion for the District B seat looks invisible, but with only two candidates that one's not on the primary ballot and goes straight to the Nov. 3 general.

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