Tuesday, September 08, 2009

School Election Day

School Election Day

Don't forget it's school polling places today and polls close at 8.

As per usual on E-Day, updates will be intermittent and The Grand Analysis will be late. Watch the turnout by precinct, especially North Liberty.

Also one nearby to watch: Washington makes its fourth try for a new high school. Those are always hot; I remember Highland, West Liberty and Columbus Junction making multiple attempts to pass bonds in recent years, and Iowa City took three tries in the early 90s.

UPDATE 9:00 -- 372 in Iowa City for a half a percent. Highest number since 1999, highest percentage since `03. Highest on north and east sides, North Liberty in the middle of the pack. Clear Creek Amana: Oxford and Tiffin running ahead of Amana, but Amana tends to turn out later in the day.

UPDATE 12:30 -- The 11:00 turnout follows the same trends. 708 in Iowa City district, just a skosh under one percent. Sounds awful but pretty good by school board standards. Highest at Mann, City and Lemme with North Liberty still middle of the pack. All pointing toward highest turnout since 1999 when two incumbents got knocked off. Record is 1995 but that was the bond to build Wickham; we won't break that.

23 mailed ballots still out in Iowa City; remember if they're postmarked today they're no good. Gotta get hand delivered to auditor's (not polls). Clear Creek still leading Amana.

UPDATE 3:00 -- Turnout picking up at 3:00, now 1589 in Iowa City which is the highest since that 1995 record. Increase from 11 to 3 is more than usual yet looks proportional across precincts. Clear Creek still leading Amana; the hot spot of all is Solon.

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