Monday, October 26, 2009

Campus Satellites Fizzle on Day One

Campus Satellites Fizzle on Day One

Campus satellite voting sites were drowned in waves of apathy Monday with less that two dozen voters participating.

Pappajohn Business say only 17 voters, while Mayflower Hall was in single digits with a mere six. (Two years ago today, in the 21 Bar election, Mayflower drew 174--and that was one of the weaker campus sites in 2007.)

Maddeningly, Mayflower is hosting a student legal clinic "What to do if you're busted" workshop Monday night, advising students about the ins and outs of PAULA and public intox.

Gee, do you think if there were two students on the City Council -- you know, the police department's BOSSES -- the Iowa City cops might behave differently? I can make that connection, you can make that connection, but only six people at Mayflower Hall can make that connection.

Tomorrow campus voting, such as it is, moves to Adler Journalism, a first time site, and Burge. The 945 Burge voters in 2007 set an all-time record for biggest satellite site in Johnson County history, topping even day before presidential election sites.

Let's just say it's a record that's not likely to be broken tomorrow.

The petitions which required the sites were the work of Jared Bazzell, the student candidate who lost the primary then immediately endorsed Lifelong Resident candidate Terry Dickens.

Dickens, for his part, was the first candidate to file his campaign finance report. He raised another $1220 and spent $3140, leaving Dickens with a whopping $10,685 in the bank. Reports are due Thursday.

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