Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Midweek Roundup

Midweek Roundup

No news to speak of at the Adler journalism building as a mere FIVE voters exercised the franchise at the satellite site. Burge fared a little better with 31 people... but compare that to 945 two years ago. Student city council candidates: now officially 97 percent less interesting that 21 bars. Today the (lack of) action moves to Hillcrest and the UI library.

Other local stuff:

  • The DI does the Iowa Courts on line thing and finds Jeff Shipley's PAULA from 2006. All the more reason to vote for him:
    The 21-year-old said his history with downtown Iowa City and the police shouldn’t be a deterrent for voters.

    “It hasn’t been an issue yet,” he said. “A lot of students get PAULAs. I don’t think it’s anything.”

    Shipley said the tickets give him a “unique experience” of being able to relate with students’ concerns on drinking issues.

    Exactly. 21 now = 18 then = an ADULT. (UPDATE: It must just be an Iowa-City-ism since more than one person asked: the acronym is for Possession of Alcohol Under Legal Age.)

  • The Press-Citizen starts its endorsement rollout with North Liberty.

  • In honor of tomorrow's Ubuntu Linux upgrade, I get all cutesy at the Register about Grassley, Conlin, Macs and PCs.
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