Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Libertarian Elected in Cedar Falls

Libertarian Elected in Cedar Falls

Ballot Access News points me to a footnote from last week's city runoffs: up in Cedar Falls, a bona fide Libertarian was elected to the city council.

The Waterloo Courier covered the election itself, where Libertarian Nick Taiber beat Gary Winterhof in a runoff for an open seat. But they don't even mention the Libertarian angle, focusing instead on Winterhof's endorsements from the mayor and much of the sitting council.

Independent Political Report, in contrast, leads with the Libertarian angle and notes that Taiber is on the state Libertarian Party Executive Committee and campaigned for libertarian Republican Ron Paul and, later, Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, last year.

Trivia: the job is non-partisan, as are all city councils and mayors in the state. But Iowa law allows for partisan city council elections. The last city to actually do it was Davenport; they voted in 1995 to go non-partisan effective in `97.

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