Monday, December 07, 2009

A Snowy Linux Monday

A Snowy Linux Monday

Happy Godfather's Birthday, everyone. Here's the weeks alternative operating system news:

  • A comprehensive review of Ubuntu 9.10 ("Karmic Koala")

  • Two o the things I do a lot are web design and astronomy. There's open source programs for both, and if you're not ready for The Big Switch from Windows to Linux, many of them work cross-platform. The only one of the astronomy apps I've used much is Celestia, which gives you a fun, fly around the galaxy feel.

  • SliTaz: yet another minimalist distribution to compete with old standbys Puppy and Damn Small. Which reminds me, I need some more old junker machines to fix up; I'm down to only six computers up and booted as I write. The aliens won't wait forever to be detected, you know. Reader donations welcome.

  • For the geeky: Syncing up your smart phone in Linux.

  • For the ubergeeky: Editing your GRUB2 menu. For the slightly less geeky that means GRand Unified Bootloader (I had to look it up) and the 2 means, yes, it's an update.
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