Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sarah Sunday

Sarah Sunday... and more

It's Palinsanity in Sioux City as the Rogue herself goes to Sioux City to, ya kno, sell books, just happens to be in Iowa. O.Kay is waiting in line with the most devoted.


  • The expected has happened again as the Johnson County GOP nominates Lori Cardella for the Jan. 19 special election. The Courier has the Official Party Line. So now we wait till the Dec. 28 filing deadline to see if any self-starters emerge. Democratic convention attendance (83) was about twice that of the GOP (43), which pretty closely matches the registration numbers and historic voting patterns of the county...

  • That Jonathan Narcisse primary challenge to Chet Culver ain't gonna happen. In a long, rambling piece on Iowa Republican, Narcisse, the former Des Moines school board member, endorses Chris Rants, with a plug for Rod Roberts as lite guv.

  • Today's must-read is the Register's piece on "stayers," the guys and gals fron your class who married each other and never left that small town.
  • 1 comment:

    Jonathan said...

    Mr. Deeth:

    My name is Jonathan Narcisse. I didn't realize I had endorsed Chris Rants.

    Infact, I specifically said I wasn't endorsing Chris Rants nor do I plan to vote for him.

    What I did do was challenge him to step it up in a Republican field where he is the only candidate talking about issues.

    As an Iowan, not just a Democrat, I want solutions advanced over blind partisanship. What is wrong with that?

    While I respect your right to your opinions I do not appreciate your distorting or misrepresenting the facts.