Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Clips

The Week's Whatever

  • The big political gossip this week will revolve around “Game Change,” the 2008 election post-mortem by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. Most of the chatter will be about the sad and tawdry revelations of John Edwards' self-destructive affair, or with Senate leader Harry Reid's slight verbal awkwardness discussing Obama and race that the President has already forgiven and forgotten.

    But what's more significant to Iowans is Hillary Clinton's state of mind after the end of the long, bitter battle with Barack Obama for the nomination. I discuss this more at the Register.

  • Heeeeey, maaaaan: California judge orders cops to give weed back to its rightful owner.

  • A still-valid oldie: How geeks talk different.

  • I've been avoiding writing about Israel/Palestine for a year and h half (due to some personal harassment) but these articles by Glenn Greenwald ("I defy anyone to find a political figure in either major party's leadership who has, in the context of discussing U.S. policy towards Israel, ever even mentioned the fact that undying, endless American support for Israel -- making all of their conflicts our own -- increases the risk of terrorist violence aimed at the U.S. But it so plainly does.:) and Henry Siegman ("Israel has crossed the threshold from 'the only democracy in the Middle East' to the only apartheid regime in the Western world") are worth sharing. Siegman, former head of the American Jewish Congress and of the Synagogue Council of America, goes so far as to discuss an "imposed solution."

  • And hilariously tasteless: the nutritional content of Holy Communion. "One Christ's worth of Hosts works out to 158,400 calories of bread and 3,840 calories of wine..."
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