Monday, January 11, 2010

Forum Followup

Forum Followup

I'm a little behind the curve, but the big event late last week was the LWV/FAIR forum between the three supervisor candidates.

I had a schedule conflict but Maria Conzemius has a live-bloggy play by play that's pretty matter of fact till the very end.

New kid on the block Coralville Post and Herald has snark that's on the mark. (Feel free to use that as a slogan.)

And surprisingly, the Gazette leads with... gay marriage? First off, I'm surprised that the League even asked the question, which is more relevant to state government and the courts. (Not that addressing issues at the correct level of government has ever mattered to Cardella, who seems to think county government gets money from Iowa City's franchise fee.)

Perhaps it was a gotcha question, designed to expose Cardella and Knapp's homophobia. If so, it worked, but the Gazette choosing it as the most important moment of the forum? It's the first time the issue's come up in the public portion of the campaign. Of course, it's likely that all sorts of under the radar ugliness is being directed at Janelle Rettig, so maybe it helps.

But still, that's not the most important aspect of the forum. What's clear is Cardella's ignorance of, and hostility to, government. The latter is her (misguided) right; the former is inexcusable.

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