Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Supervisor Silliness

Chaotic forum, vanishing video

Chaos at the Senior Center forum yesterday, an event I truly regret missing. Highlights:

  • "Rettig, the Democratic candidate, encouraged the audience to exercise their right to vote next week, which is 'a right many people in this country were denied for a long time...'

    Said Cardella: 'And would have been with the appointment process.'

    'Thank you for interrupting me, Lori. ... You thought the vacancy process was fine, as long as you were supporting Edgar Thornton,""

  • Knapp gay-bashes yet again, which seems to be his whole function in this campaign;

  • "Moderator Bob Welsh read through the final questions submitted by attendees that he was unable to get to because of time constraints.

    One of the anonymous questions asked why Cardella's car had Florida license plates and why she voted in previous Florida presidential elections if she was running for office in Johnson County.

    Several audience members shouted protests about the question, while others demanded that Cardella should answer the question."

    Maria Conzemius again has the play by play of the forum proper, though she misses the after-the-debate debate.

    And I wasn't going to go there with the "Catholic school girl" videos, since every other lefty blog in the state had been there and done that. But newcomer Coralville Press and Herald sees that "This video has been removed by the user." For those of you who missed it (refs here and here):
    A video of Republicans donning Catholic school-girl uniforms and singing a parody bashing President Barack Obama was stumbled upon by the liberal site Blog for Iowa.

    The clip, which was uploaded in November by the conservative blog Coralville Courier, features five women singing a parody of the school children’s song from last year, with lyrics that include “his teleprompter tells us lies,” “he wants one-world unity,” and “some wonder where he was born, long before he knew ACORN.”

    Sometimes the cover-up makes it worse... best video to hit Johnson County politics since Steve Snyder's horse.
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