Thursday, April 15, 2010

Conlin: $879k 1st Quarter

Conlin raises $879,000 in 1st Quarter

Followup on two items from yesterday:

  • Campaign Conlin announced that they raised $879,615 in the first quarter, with the talking point of "More than all of Grassley’s Past Challengers Combined." Cash on hand is juuuust over the magic million ($1,000,455).

    Other factioids:
    "No PAC or Washington lobbyist funds.
    81 percent of donors are Iowans.
    78 percent of contributions are $100 or less."
    Conlin kicked in $250k herself and raised the other $629,000.

    Still waiting on Krause and Fiegen, but the only real question is: did she out do them 100 to one or 1000 to one?

    UPDATE: Even taking away her self-donation, Conlin outraised Grassley for the quarter. (Of course, Chuck already had five mill in the bank, but still.)

  • I said maybe my Republican readers can fill me in, so one does: Karen Fesler from Rob Gettemy's crew notes that she's his Johnson County chair, and that Team Gettemy includes Tiffin Mayor Royce Phillips and new Coralville city council member Bill Hoeft.
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