Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conlin to announce fundraising totals

Conlin to announce fundraising totals Thursday

From the in box: The Roxanne Conlin campaign is "finally ready to release our fundraising numbers for first quarter of 2010."

The pre-announcement of the announcement is bundled with a pitch to build the campaign's text message list ("Why wait to read it in the papers?! Click here to sign up for mobile alerts, and you'll know before the media!"). Yeah, that was supposed to be how Obama's VP announcement worked... until the Secret Service was at Biden's house but not Bayh's and Kaine's.

That said, the news is probably good if they're playing it up. We haven't heard the Tom Fiegen and Bob Krause numbers yet... but at the end of the fourth quarter of 2009, Conlin, then just six weeks into her campaign, had $502,832 cash on hand. Fiegen and Krause, who'd been campaigning for several months, had $418 and $727 on hand respectively.

Still, even if Conlin's numbers are really good tomorrow, keep it in perspective: Chuck Grassley was sitting on more than $5 million three months ago.

A few Senate campaign sparks flew last weekend at the Linn County fundraiser, Lynda Waddington has that story: "Although the attacks in Cedar Rapids are hardly the first that has been launched against Conlin’s campaign, it was one of the few times the attack came in person instead of via press release or social networking." Which gives me an excuse to rerun the Andy Samberg as Rahm Emanuel clip:

"You come after me on Facebook? What are you, 14?"

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