Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gleefully Off The Grid

Gleefully Off The Grid

With the weekend weather once again not looking so good, I took a day off to do a bit more Smallest Farm planting and a lot of mulch harvesting (aka mowing).

(Well, all right, I did have the Blackberry with me. But I checked it less obsessively than usual.)

Since I wasn't at the office I can't tell you how got first voter bragging rights for the June 8 primary. But whoever it was, it was today.

  • Nice turnout yesterday at Janelle Rettig's fundraiser; she's up and running even if no one else is challenging.

  • A dropout in the 1st CD as also-ran Jim Budde drops out of the Republican primary. Remember the Kerry Burt proviso: it's too late to get off the ballot.

  • Krusty reports on the 2nd CD Republicans at the weekend convention; not so good for Not Tom Harkin.

  • In the 3rd, Pat Betrouche gets a second Worst... Person... In The Wooooorld! of the week for Iowa Republicans, for his "in jest (?!?) suggestions that deported aliens get microchipped doggie style.

  • Roxanne Conlin has been liveblogging lately. Yesterday she was on with Charlotte Eby, which is dangerously approaching critical mass of redheads. If Conlin keeps doing this liveblogging I may need to loan her a beret.

  • The BBC says the floppy disk is offically dead.

  • The BBC also says the floppy disk is very much alive.
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