Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obama Overview

Obama Overview

As an Iowa political junkie I'm spoiled. I have literally lost track of the number of times I've seen Barack Obama speak. So, since I took the day off the day job LAST month to see the President, I decided to let everyone else cover it today.

  • Silliest claim of the day comes from Mariannete Miller-Meeks:
    “They know David Loebsack is in deep, deep political trouble because he’s betrayed his constituents. Never has a president expended so much taxpayer money in such a short amount of time to prop up a member of Congress. It doesn’t matter why he claims to be here or what he says when he’s here, Barack Obama’s actions speak far louder than words. And, what they say is that David Loebsack is very vulnerable in November,” Miller-Meeks said. “Why else would the President of the United States be compelled to visit not one, not two, not three but four cities in eastern Iowa in a month’s time?”
    Silly because just last weekend the New York Times rated Iowa's (and everyone's) House races and had Loebsack the safest of Iowa's three House Dems at "Solid Democratic." Even freakin' KRUSTY says:
    While I can’t see Democrats getting nervous about Loebsack yet, it might have more to do with Chet Culver and Roxanne Conlin.

    I just think it’s an absolute waste of his time to be spending so much time in the safest Congressional District in Iowa. You would have thought if he was coming to Iowa he would have visited the 1st or 3rd CD, especially with Congressman Boswell is serious trouble.
    Well, there WAS an event on tonight's schedule, but the closed door event, billed has a party for David Axelrod with no word on whether or not money changes hands, has been scuttled by the publicity.

    In any case the clear meta-message is small-town economy and green jobs, which makes the southern tier of IA-02 and norther Missouri perfect turf for what Bret Hayworth calls a glorified photo op".

  • O. Kay has the best look and feel Q and A coverage of the Ottumwa town hall.

  • State 29 chimes in on Ottumwa with the snarky line "clapping like a gay seal," which rhymes with "fine time to leave me Lucille."

  • Misleading headline of the day: In Fort Madison, loudest cheers AFTER Obama leaves
    . Effective, because it sucked me in. Punchline: Boss gave the crew the rest of the day off.
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