Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bar Group Picks Funny Name

Bar Group Picks Funny Name

So the pro-21 group is called 21 Makes Sense. That's hilarious.

There's almost universal off the record acknowledgement, including from multiple members of said committee, that the 21 year old drinking age doesn't make sense, both because of its inconsistency with other ages of majority and because it's an unworkable failure. Even in public, the strongest defenses boil down to "well, it's the law" and the usual excuses about federal highway money.

Still, it's not as hilarious as Student Health Initiative Taskforce was.

I don't believe there's an "underage" drinking problem in downtown Iowa City. There's a problem with the drinking age. There's also an alcohol abuse problem, but that's a separate issue that can't be addressed effectively or realistically until we deal with the problem of the bad drinking age law. But neither side seems to be interested in going there.

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