Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July in Coralville

4th of July Dems in Coralville


The Johnson County Dems had a big name guest in this year's Coralville parade: Governor Chet Culver. That bumped us up way near the front of the parade, so we were done before some of the units were even out of the parking lot.

As usual I ran backwards and took the pictures, and lots of good Democrats didn't happen to be in my shots that turned out.


Here's Bob Dvorsky just strolling out of the shot near the governor.


It's not the 4th in Coralville without Dick Myers in the white suit.


Continuing the fine tradition of motorcycling legislators from Coralville, we have Dave Jacoby.



In the crowd

Here's what it looked like in the middle of the Dems contingent. (Our up front slot meant I never got a good look at the other team.)

Further back

Great to have Brian Flaherty back from his international adventures; here he is with the Rosemans.


Joe Bolkcom and Sue Dvorsky with the governor.

Front  row

Representing for the courthouse on the front row: Sullivan, Harney, Kriz and Painter.


Mary Mascher at the wheel.

Post-parade we had a nice get-together with the governor over at the Dvorsky home, before Culver had to take off for the Iowa Falls parade (which, unfortunately, got rained out).

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