Monday, July 05, 2010

Smallest Farm Monday

Smallest Farm Monday

My whole schedule for the week is off but here's what's happening in the garden.


The pumpkin patch is stretching aggressively south and west, with possible interference to the path behind the tomatoes. But we do have our first little giant pumpkin.


Two of the tomato plants got some kind of funky wilt-rot thing and I had to pull them. Watching the neighbors closely to see if it spreads. But the survivors - both the deliberately planted and the too many to count volunteers - are producing nicely.

Still having wabbit issues with the peppers and now the eggplants. I think the tomatoes and squash family are are the only major crops I can get away with outside the fencing. If I have time in November - it's a narrow opportunity between the election and the snow - I may move the fencing of the north garden to the south.

We're within a week, I'm guessing, of the first pickable zucchini.

The peas are pretty much done. In three or four weeks I'm going to try a second crop; I've never succeeded in fall peas but snap peas are my favorite eating thing in the whole garden.


My gavorite growing thing is pole beans. In the south garden I picked the first beans Friday and more Sunday, and July 3 is the earliest I've ever picked beans by at least two weeks. Keeping up will soon be a major effort, but with the mulberries now nearing the end of season bean picking should replace berry picking.

I failed to get a decent photo of corn and my knees yesterday (that old adage predates modern hybrid varieties anyway) but my tallest stalks are more like waist height.

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