Sunday, August 22, 2010

Biggest Flop on Smallest Farm

Smallest Farm, Biggest Flop

At this point in the gardening season I'm feeling pretty much like an old Brooklyn Didgers fan: wait'll next year. (Substitute the Cubs if you wish.)

The two main events in the last couple weeks have been the complete critterization of the corn crop and the final collapse of the giant bean fence. This team, almost every bean plant got broken off about a foot above the ground. So I'm just waiting for what's left to die so I can assess the point of weakness. The side bar is, I can see if the bean plants keep re-growing from what's left into September or even October.

There are isolated successes, sure. The pumpkins are the only thing I really feel like showing off. But the down side is they're maturing so quickly they'll probably be rotten before Halloween. For now, at least I have one for each boy.

The tomato plants are ugly and brown, but at least still producing my Linux powered sun-dried treats. The eggplants seem to love this miserable weather, and the hot peppers and squash are doing well, too, though the zucchinis are few and far between. Yes, a gardener in August with too few zucchinis.

Maybe it's just the symbolism that's got me down. Nothing says Iowa summer like sweet corn, and the pole beans have always been the centerpiece of my gardens.

Still time for a late season rally, perhaps, but all hope for the pennant is gone.

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