Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday clips

Can't sustain a thought more than two sentences

Brain still on weekend; here's the clips.

  • American Future Fund, You Must Be An Idiot for wasting $$$ on Ben Lange.

  • David Ignatius is all build up for one punch line: "Obama's second-term masterstroke: Vice President Hillary Rodham Clinton." Never mind that no elected VP has been dumped since our own Henry Wallace; the more likely scenario is that Hillary stays on as Secretary of State (YES, Obama is re-elected) through the `14 mid-term election, THEN she resigns and yes, runs.

  • Mike Glover says control of the Iowa legislature comes fdown to a dozen seats. No list, just mention of the usual suspects (Appel-Sorensen, Bailey, Iverson, etc.)

  • Looks too subtle to me, but How Polling Places Can Affect Your Vote.

  • I've always loved the things myself, but it seems no one wants your William Henry Harrison dollar coins.

  • Token nods to Linux Monday: the history of computer symbols (power button, etc.), and: Lotsa laffs! Fool your friends! How to make Ubuntu look like Windows 7. If you would want to do that.
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