Friday, August 06, 2010

Independent files in Braley race

Independent files in Braley race

Friday brings a close to Week Two of filing at the Secretary of State's office as an independent jumps into Bruce Braley's race.

No it's not James Hall of 2006 Pirate PARRRRRRty fame, but one Jason Faulkner of Maquoketa. The Dubuque Telegraph-Herald picked up on Faulkner last week: he describes himself as:
...a conservative, but is fed up with the two-party system in Congress. While not a tea party member, Faulkner said he agrees with many of the group's viewpoints.

Faulkner said he'd like to see a ban on lobbyists, term limits for Congress and a dramatic reduction in spending at the federal level.
So, nothing like a tea partier at all.

The TH also catches a point I missed:
Brian Moore switched his allegiance from the Democrats to Republicans after losing the Democratic primary for State Senate District 13.

Moore finished second behind Tod Bowman, a Maquoketa High School teacher in the Senate primary. Then Moore, as a GOP hopeful, jumped into a House race against Democratic incumbent Tom Schueller, of Maquoketa.

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