Sunday, August 08, 2010

Smallest farm sunday

Smallest Farm Sunday

The big milestone of the week was the first corn, picked and eaten Friday.

After a bad couple of weeks, the beans have gotten a second wind and are starting to produce again. The fence now seems to be secure and it solved its own top-heavy problem: It sagged under its own weight and snapped a couple plants off about six inches above the ground. Thus the tops of those plants died off, reducing the top heaviness. Meanwhile, the snapped off plants are starting over again, sending up new tendrils.

The vines of the Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch have started to climb and produce the world's first pumpkin tree. Four or five large pumpkins are growing, the biggest two are now about normal pumpkin size. (They're Dill's Atlantic Giants, the huge kind.)

As for the other squashes, we've picked three acorns and the compost volunteer mutant "squashkin" vines are about 30 feet long and setting squashes. But unlike every other gardener on the planet, I have almost no zucchini.

The tomatoes and jalapenos are plentiful, and I now have a big bowl of salsa on hand. Strating to get a few habaneros but they're still green. The sweet peppers are also doing nicely and I have eating size green and yellow ones. Tonight's menu is fajitas, which includes all of the above plus tomatillos - which have been a disappointment. I have four plants, all of which are growing vines and flowers - bit only one is successfully setting fruit.

My first effort at "sun" dried Roma tomatoes became toaster oven burnt tomatoes. But I have plenty and I'm making my second effort now.

For the first time in three years here, I've had success with okra.

(I've moved the pics over to Facebook, see more here.)

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