Friday, September 03, 2010

At least she didn't call Tom Beaumont limp and impotent

At least she didn't call Tom Beaumont limp and impotent

Oh, this is going to be a fuuuun couple of weeks as Iowa gets ready for Mama Grizzly's arrival.

First, by coincidental timing, we have the Vanity Fair piece by Michael Joseph Gross, which is both a must read and, er, well, just read it.

Next, seemingly in response, Palin makes reference on Sean Hannity's radio show to - oh, this stuff writes itself:
"...those who are impotent and limp and gutless and they go on their anonymous -- sources that are anonymous -- and impotent, limp and gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them as being factual references"
Then today, Palin takes issue with the Register's Tom Beaumont, who noted that it was Palin who approached the Iowa GOP about the Sept. 17 speech. Congressional Quarterly picked up on it, and Palin said, again on Hannity:
"I did see the headline on CQ Politics, and they’re way whacked, sayin' that I asked for an opportunity to speak in Iowa.

And to me, a headline like that and a story that went on ‘Sarah Palin pursued a speakin' opportunity in Iowa to make a point’ — You idiot reporter. Why can’t you follow up with a fact like asking ‘Really, who did she ask?, who did she pursue’?"
For most candidates - not too far of a stretch to describe her as such - alienatin' one of Iowa's top political reporters would be a major faux pas. But for Palin, attackin' the "lamestream media" is part of her strategery. Just remember, Half Governor, Krusty has the Iowa franchise on the phrase "you must be an idiot."

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