Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday clips

Thursday clips

I'm going to miss the annual Hawkeye-Badger game; Dad and I used to have fun razzing one another about it. What the hell kind of rivalry is Iowa-Purdue? On to politics:

Why does the American Future Fund have it out for the very safe Bruce Braley? This chess move has little to do with 2010, I'm sure. They're trying to soften him up for the next one.

desmoinesdem looks at the very incumbent friendly endorsements of the Iowa Corn Growers: "The Corn Growers' PAC did not make an endorsement in any of the open-seat Iowa House races." I've always been annoyed by "co-endorsements" like the one they give to Culver and Branstad. Have it both ways has always been one of my pet peeves, in life in general.

And this speaks for itself:
Mariannette Miller-Meeks, the Republican candidate in Iowa’s 2nd District, recently called on Democratic incumbent Dave Loebsack to join her in opposing a tax law change linked to health care reform — something his office reports he’s already voted to change.

“Miller-Meeks should do her homework,” a Loebsack spokeswoman responded after reading Miller-Meek’s statements in The Iowa Independent.

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