Monday, December 06, 2010

Candidates Clash at caucus

Candidates Clash at caucus

Regular readers know I like to pick up on references, intended or not, to my favorite band. For example, Friday's DI sports page banner headlined the Iowa-Iowa State wrestling match as CLASH AT CARVER. Would have loved to have seen that, though it's difficult to work around the issue of Joe Strummer being dead and all.

Today Kathie Obradovich at the Register is at it, too. In a roundup of the State Of The Caucuses, she suggests a theme song for Mitt Romney:

Who'd have figured the Mitt as a closet Clash fan. Huckabee, maybe, and only if he ignored lyrics. ("Should I Stay Or Should I Go," of course, was one of the Clash's most apolitical songs, and thus non-coincidentally one of their only American hits.)

Giuliani, of course, actually used the Clash as stage music briefly:

Apparently Giuliani's energy policy was hooking a generator up to Strummer's body spinning in its grave. Unfortunately Joe was cremated, and Rudy did in fact fail.

Back to the Register, how many egos are brimming over this morning with the Register's Top 50 list of Republicans to court at caucus time? Who got left off? And what would a Democratic version of this list look like?

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