Monday, December 06, 2010

Linux Monday

Linux Monday: 'Tis the season to go shopping -- or not

Back in October I made the full commitment to Linux: I purchased a new computer and ordered it with no operating system. Within a couple hours I'd installed and migrated everything, and not a hitch since.

You may not be ready to go that far, but you can still save some bucks by ordering a machine with Linux (generally Ubuntu) pre-installed. Here's one and another articles about vendors.

Or: DON'T buy a computer; install Linux on your old one. This person got a full-blown, non-minimalist GNOME desktop loaded in just 105 meg of memory:
Amazing. This puts it within striking range of Pentium III machines, in terms of memory. Or at least machines with 128 or maybe 192Mb, like this one did.

True, you can get smaller desktops with very sparse installations, in other distros as well. But this comes with all the bells and whistles, from the word go.
For the geeky, another guide to that Linux directory tree.

Here's yet another guide to the Linux directory tree.

One of the problems we Linux geeks face is that we're dismissed as "one percent" of the market. That 1% figure is incvariably used. Thing is, it's hard to track because, as a free as in beer operating system, we can't cite any sales figures. This project is trying to remedy that 1% stat.

A history of viruses on Linux: "Most of the viruses found on Linux are fairly harmless. That doesn't mean they don't exist though. Be sure to keep an eye on what your downloading and where you're going on the Internet and you will most likely stay virus free. An occasional virus scan wouldn't hurt either."

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