Wednesday, February 02, 2011

In Wisconsin We Call This Football Weather

In Wisconsin We Call This Football Weather

I can only see the nationwide blizzard as a good omen for Sunday. It seems all of America, even western Pennsylvania, is now Frozen Tundra.

Garbage-man Butch Vig has updated his stadium anthem "Go Pack Go" and you may see some unexpected Packer fans in the video:

(Audio only here.)

I'd say this ranks right up there with "Nevermind" and "Siamese Dream" as one of Vig's finest productions. But for the record, Jesus no longer drinks Old Style as they stopped making it it God's Country (a/k/a La Crosse) in 1998. Only Bears fans drink Old Style anymore. The Lord will, however, occasionally have a La Crosse City instead.

As for "Go Pack Go," the update was a necessity according to Butch: "In our original version, in the middle break, there were all these references to Favre, so we went back in and did a new version about a month ago, and deleted, of course, any references to Favre." Of course.

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