Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday's Clips

Thursday's Clips

If you're dug out yet, and you're not going to the Democratic Central Committee tonight, here's an evening activity at the Law School:

“The New Politics of Iowa’s Judicial Retention Elections”

Thursday, Feb. 3
7:00 PM
Boyd Law Building, Levitt Auditorium

Michael Streit, formerly of the Iowa Supreme Court
Seth Andersen, Exec. Director, American Judicature Society
Kathie Obradovich, columnist, The Des Moines Register
Brian Fitzpatrick, Professor, Vanderbilt Law School
David Perlmutter, Professor and Chair of the UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Moderated by Professor Todd Pettys, UI College of Law

The event is cosponsored by law student groups: American Constitution Society, The Federalist Society, The Iowa Student Bar Association, and The Outlaws.
The ridiculous on the issue didn't end with the House vote, as Craig Robinson plays the hillbilly incest card:
Since Iowa’s marriage laws currently say nothing about same-sex marriages, there is nothing that prevents a man from marrying his father, his father’s brother, his brother, and nothing preventing a woman from marrying her mother, her mother’s sister or her own sister.
Everybody, sing it with me, I am my own grandpa.

David Broder, who's old enough to your grandpa's grandpa, yearns for the good ole days of favorite son candidates and puts Terry Branstad in the Pawlenty camp. Meanwhile, others at the Post notice that Iowa teabaggers aren't like other teabaggers.

But the most important Iowa political news of the day: Census details due next week...

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