Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loebsack Would Move

Map Day 2: The After-Map
Loebsack would move

Everyone missing the lede here (emphasis added):
Dave Loebsack, Mount Vernon Democrat

“In Iowa, we are fortunate to have a nonpartisan redistricting process that puts Iowans and Iowa’s communities first, ahead of politics. For more than four years, I have been honored to represent much of southeastern Iowa – in Iowa’s Second Congressional district. Understanding that the redistricting process is ongoing, as the map stands now, I would plan to continue to represent the southeastern district of Iowa that stretches from I-35 to Iowa City, the Quad Cities and to the southeastern most tip of Keokuk. I have been honored to represent these communities in the past and look forward to representing them in the future.”
Makes sense. It's basically the same district he had except swapping Scott and Linn. Mt. Vernon is just a couple miles north of the county line.

Article now includes Steve King as well; everyone except Loebsack is content-free.

Meanwhile under the dome they're still taking it all in. And Craig Robinson is up with a Winners and Losers list. My guess is that House GOP leadership is microscoping the map and figuring out who can move and who can't. And like I said before, there's a lot less pairs than we had in the 2001 map. Of course, that year there was a whole slate of statewide offices and an open deep-red congressional district, so a lot of folks took their chances on up or out.

As they say, developing...

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