Friday, April 01, 2011

The Map: The Next Day

The Map: The Next Day

The legislators are home for the weekend, presumably deciding whether to keep this hand or draw more cards. While we wait:

  • Lengthy discussion at Swing State Project of the implications.

  • Smart Politics looks at history. Assuming there's a Latham-King primary (which there won't) it'd be only the second two GOP incumbent primary in state history. Lots of other history in there as well.

  • Yesterday's unsung heroes: Iowa Democratic Party staff. Most of the media relied on the list IDP prepped of who got paired and which districts were open. We always appreciate when someone does our work for us, and there was some acknowledgment.

    The list itself is embedded in this Register article. Look closer and see the time stamp.

    8:27 a.m. Twelve minutes after the map was released. And no, they DON'T get it in advance. Some of that twelve minutes was just plain downloading data.

    That's not twelve minutes of work. That's hours and hours and hours of programming and prep and testing, the kind of geek work that no one notices unless there's an awful mistake. That's an excellent job by Sue Dvorsky and her staff. And, combined with the 24 hours and counting official silence from the GOP, that's a good sign of how much better organized the Democrats are for this.

  • In other news, Wisconsin Democrats have filed the first recall petition against Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse). That's my parent's district and yes, Mom signed. Dad wasn't home but we'll catch him on election day.
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