Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Things

Thursday Things

Slacking through spring break on the writing, so let's go right to the cutting and pasting:

  • Looks like I was right on no Chairmen Chet; word is Ted Strickland's the guy.

  • Here's what'll keep the caucuses first: "Lawmakers and elections officials in at least six cash-strapped states are hoping to move or replace their stand-alone 2012 presidential primaries, sacrificing some influence over who wins the nominations in favor of saving millions of dollars."

  • Does the president actually get to make spur of the moment where to go eat decisions? Here's how it works.

  • NPR's "real" problem:
    No matter how mainstream your audience is in truth, or how balanced you are in substance, or how many opinions you solicit from average red-state Joes, the prevailing feeling is that your style is unmistakably liberal.

    It's the folksy music between segments (never mind that it's often jazzy or electronic or classical; the effect is folksy). It's the warm, earnest quality of the hosts' and reporters' voices. It's their exotic names — Mandalit del Barco, Lakshmi Singh, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, Daniel Zwerdling. Are these tea party names? No, they're soy chai latte names. It's obvious.

    Face it, NPR, you could go content-free, relying only on those quirky music snippets and reporters saying their names, and you'd still come across as a granola bar disguised as a radio network.
  • And no, this is not The Onion, it's an actual poll that interviewed people and everything: "A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Sarah Palin trails Charlie Sheen by five points among independent voters in a highly unlikely match up for president, 41% to 36%." They lost the opportunity to flip the names and say Sheen was, duh, WINNING! I think it's all because Charlie's dad was president.
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