Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yes on 19 is Back

Yes on 19 is Back

The narrowly defeated Yes on 19 issue that split the electorate young and old last November looks like it's making a comeback.

No, the OTHER one:
The campaign behind a failed initiative to legalize marijuana in California announced Friday it had formed a new committee to put another measure on the ballot.

The Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform 2012 aims to build on the unusual support that coalesced around Proposition 19, which would have allowed adults to grow and possess marijuana and authorized cities and counties to legalize and tax sales.

Many activists are convinced that, with more money and broader support, a similar initiative could pass during a presidential election year when the turnout tends to be more liberal.
Ja, und now zat AHnold ist no longer der GOVernor of KahleeFORnia, maybe he'll switch sides:

That always seems to be when elected officials flip to support of legalization: immediately AFTER they're term-limited out or retired. (See Johnson, Gary.) In any case, a nice turnout booster that could force a few still-active politicians into taking a position.

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Unknown said...

Gary Johnson is one of the few politicians who actually supported decriminalization while governor. I think that's what you're trying to say, right?