Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mascher Makes Move

Mascher Makes Move

The legislative pair-up in Johnson County has been resolved pretty much as expected, as the Register reports Iowa City Rep. Mary Mascher will move, basically, back into her district, new House District 86.

This was the most obvious "my district, just not my house" move in the state. Fellow Democrat Dave Jacoby picked up one extra west side Iowa City precinct in his Coralville-dominated district (old 30, new 74). For the locals: Jacoby had Iowa City 7 and 8 before. He added Iowa City 9, which happened to be Mascher's precinct.

Mascher's "new" district keeps the rest of the west side and University Heights. She loses Manville Heights, the peninsula, and part of campus and downtown. She gets back a chunk of the south side that she had from her first election in 1994 through the 2001 redistricting. Mascher also has, for the first time, the city of Hills.

New House 86 is, by party registration, the third most Democratic seat in the state. (Number One is Vicki Lensing's new seat, 85, just to the north.) It also happens to be my district so I'll get to vote for Mary for the first time; my last two residences have been literally across the street from her district.

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