Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Redistricting and Moving Day

Redistricting and Moving Day

I'm in my niche; I'm staying there.

The Big News is of course the Vilsacks move to Ames. Apparantly they have closed a deal, much to Krusty's disappointment. KK was hoping the Vilsacks and Tom Latham would simply swap. He also looks, literally, at other properties for the incumbent who has everything, except a house in the right place.

On a much smaller scale, Louisa County is looking to trim from eight precincts down to five. When I ran dowm ther 15 years ago, I remember them having 13.

And the true unsung hero of Iowa Clean Redistricting: Ed Cook of the Legislative Service Agency. Other states, North Carolina in particular, are looking at our process, but could it really work without someone like this?

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