Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jerry Mandering Spotted in Ohio

I Went Back To Ohio But My District Was Gone

Redistricting consultant Jerry Mandering has been spotted in Ohio, working with the Republicans who have complete control of state government on a congressional map that rises to the level of high art.

"Now THIS is how you draw a map!" said the shameless cartograpgher. "What's round on the end, high in the middle? You new district, pal."

"Look at that green line across the top of the state," Mandering bragged. "District 9 goes Cleveland to Toledo! Dennis Kucinich is on one end and Marcy Kaptur on the other. I connected it with one bridge and some freakin' islands. I wanted to run it across the lake into Canada, but even John Kasich thought that was too much. So I threw in a beach around Lorain instead."

"That one's the best, but I'm also proud of the 15th District. Looks like a two headed snake with its heads almost cut off by the 3rd District."

"It looks like someone did a lot of Jello shots and then threw up on a map of Ohio," writes David Jarman of Daily Kos.

So who other than Jerry could possibly be happy with this? Why, Dennis Kucinich, of course:
We have a district! The race is on! In a stunning development, the redistricting gave most of the Republican part of my old district to three incumbent Republican congressmen and left most of the Democratic part of my district intact.

As a result, about 57% of registered Democrats in the new district come from my old district. With your help I clearly have a good chance to be able to continue to serve the people of Ohio and to remain a strong and outspoken voice for jobs, peace, clean water and clean air, education and civil rights.
Dennis may have the national name ID but 30-year vet Kaptur is no slouch either. a lot of other implications in this map -- not yet final but basically The Map -- but for now just sit back and marvel at the shameless brilliance.

As for Mandering's next plans? "I'm off to New York. Andrew Cuomo called late last night and told me he just figured out which district he wants to get rid of."

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