Thursday, September 15, 2011

University Heights Scorecard

University Heights Scorecard

Seen on the web: That's not a short URL generated by Twitter, that's We Are For University Heights, the campaign by opponents of the One University Plaza proposal for the St. Andrew Church property.

This makes for a handy scorecard for a vote for five election with eight candidates. Team WeR4UH is running a slate of four council candidates, and leaving mayor Louise From uncontested.

The WeR4UH candidates are:
  • Roseanne Hopson, inner of the record turnout January special election.
  • fellow incumbent Brennan McGrath.
  • Former school board member Jan Leff. She stepped down from the board in 2009 and just wrapped up a brief term as a placeholder appointee. Leff's husband Al, who preceded her on the school board, lost to From in the 2009 mayor's race.
  • First time candidate Rachel Stewart.

    In the other corner, the candidates are incumbents Mike Haverkamp and Pat Yeggy, candidate Amanda Whitmer, and Jim Lane, who served on the council briefly as an appointee until losing the January special election to Hopson. That January vote saw near-governor level turnout and broke the long-time Johnson County pattern: if a special election got called by petition, the side that petitioned always lost, until Hopson.

    The fifth incumbent, Stan Laverman, is not running. UHeights is also voting on renewing its library levy.

    Small correction: I'd said our house had received no school board candidate mailings; the Jeff McGinness mailer was inadvertently buried. COngrats again to Jeff and the other winners and thanks again to those who ran.
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