Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rematch in Ft. Dodge House Race

Rematch in Ft. Dodge House Race

Fort Dodge Republican Matt Alcazar has announced a second try for the Iowa House, challenging Rep. Helen Miller in House District 9.

This was one of those Some Dude near-miss races that was on nobody's radar last cycle. Miller had won easily since her first win in 2002, with a typical 60% in 2008. Alcazar had initially announced as a tea-flavored independent before switching and filing on the Republican line. But amid the zeitgeist of 2010 he almost pulled it off, holding Miller to 52%.

The lines change very little in redistricting, as Fort Dodge's population is in The District Draws Itself range: An ideal House district size is 30,538, and the Fort Dodge census population is 25,206, about 5/6 of that. The entire old district stays in the new and three townships are added to balance the population. Under the new lines, Democrats had an April registration edge of about 2400. Not completely unwinnable for the GOP, but Alcazar's 2010 performance is probably close to the high water mark.

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