Sunday, November 27, 2011

One more term - or one Moore term?

Redistricting victim and nominee for 2010 Fluke Of The Year Brian "Some Dude" Moore, R-Zwingle, has announced for re-election (Dubuque Telegraph-Herald is pay-walled) in House District 58.

Moore, through odd circumstances, won the most Democratic seat held by a Republican, and while the turf changes a lot here the margin stays about the same at an April Democratic reg edge of 4102. In fact, the area was so Democratic that Moore started 2010 as a Dem himself, losing a Senate primary to Tod Bowman.

The GOP talked him into switching parties and getting into the house race against Tom Schueller, who had been an unopposed winner in 2008. Moore came out of nowhere to win by 138 votes. Schueller has announced a comeback bid.

Moore, who lives right on the edge of the new turf, loses the pieces of northern Clinton County and southern Dubuque where he got his winning margin (Schueller won Jackson County by about 250) and instead gets eastern Jones County. The only good thing for Moore is that he's not the guy who had to move. Moore and Monticello Republican Lee Hein got paired up, but in June Hein announced a move to House 96.

With higher presidential year turnout and a former incumbent as a candidate, I'd put this neat the tom of the Democratic target list. Brian may want one more term, but he may get just one Moore term.

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