Monday, March 05, 2012

DCCC Robocalling into 2nd CD

The Deeth-Steele-Cox home just got robocalled by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee with a survey on a possible 2nd District primary between incumbent Dave Loebsack and anti-choice Davenport state senator Joe Seng.

Seng announced late last week that he was gathering signatures for a possible run.

It was Koni who got the first call and give her full credit: she knows news when she hears it. After question 1 prompted her for a repeat, she hit repeat and handed me the phone. UPDATE: A few minutes later, I got the same call.

Question 1: Opinion of Dave Loebsack. Favorable, unfavorable, never heard of, undecided. (I pushed Favorable; I think other than the demographic questions we'd answer the same.)

Question 2: Opinion of Joe Seng (unfavorable)

Question 3: Who would you vote for if the primary was today: Strong Loebsack, lean Loebsack, strong Leng, lean Seng, undecided (strong Loebsack)

Question 4: Agree or disagree with following statement (badly paraphrased): I'm outraged by the radical Republican attempts to turn back the clock and limit women's access to contraception attacks on contraception. We need a congressman who will stand up to the radical Republicans (agree)

Question 5: Agree or disagree: I'm deeply troubled by the Obama administration's attempts to impose its will and limit freedom. We need a congressman who will stand up to Obama for our religious freedom. (disagree)

Note here that neither candidate, pro-choice Loebsack nor anti-choice Seng, was linked to these questions.

Question 6: Party ID (Democratic)

Question 7: Demographics. It was Koni's cell so I answered female 35-45. For the repeat call for me, male 46-60. (Too old to be cool to young not to care was not an option.)

Then the disclaimer. I was expecting a vaguely named research firm or maybe a Republican candidate. But we heard it straight: "Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, not authorized by any candidate."

So, that happened. My first thought when they called Koni was that they were testing women, but when I got it too I think they're working party activists. Since neither candidate was identified with a side, my guess is DCCC is testing the strength of a pro-choice message for Loebsack. Remember that DCCC chair Steve Israel was just in the district for Loebsack a few weeks ago, on whatever night Whitney Houston died (Koni and I got that news on the way home from the event).

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EkoBravo said...

I received the call tonight and most likely am coded as an activist in the VAN.