Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attack of the Some Dudes

Iowa GOP chair A.J. Spiker has just called yet another nominating convention in yet another strong Democratic district, in this case Cindy Winckler's House District 90 in Davenport. And yet again, there's no name associated with the announcement, though Republican blog comments assume it's yet another Paulbot.

Maybe the candidate is up to the standards set by THIS Some Dude:

That's Cory Ewing, who wants to run against future Speaker Kevin McCarthy in House 33. The funny part is Ewing is the SANE candidate in the race. The other option is McCarthy's 2010 opponent and "frequent candidate" Jeremy Walters, whose comment that AIDS patients deserve to die was so bad that the Polk County GOP booted him from their fair booth.

Still no announcement on that Senate District 34 convention... the fall filing period starts Monday and runs through August 17. Will we see defeated primary candidate Jeff Mullen run as an independent against Pat Ward? If I'm Democrat Desmund Adams I sure hope so.

A couple must reads: Doug Burns has a lengthy Tom Harkin profile in City View, and the Gazette looks at two super-volunteers, one from each team: Democrat Andrea Nemecek and Republican Karen Fesler.

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