Monday, July 02, 2012

Democrats Recruit House District 97 Candidate

Iowa House Democrats have just filled one of their blanks on the ballot:

Ted Whisler of LeClaire was nominated during a special convention last week to run for State Representative in District 97, which includes rural Clinton County and part of Scott County.

“My top priority will be to bring good paying jobs to our community and grow the middle class again,” said Whisler, a Democrat. “The state must help small businesses, boost Iowa’s ag economy and encourage more advanced manufacturing. If we can put politics aside and work together, I know we can move our state forward for the betterment of all Iowans.”

Currently an owner of a small vineyard, Whisler worked for ALCOA for 30 years and is a member of the United Steel Workers, Local 105. He is a strong supporter of Iowa agriculture and has helped neighboring farmers and friends. He is also a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

“It’s also essential that we improve education from preschool to higher education and keep it affordable for all Iowa families. We also want to keep our educational standards high to entice industry to grow here, and prepare our children for these new opportunities,” added Whisler.

Ted Whisler was born and raised in a large Iowa family. His wife, Elizabeth, hails from Northwest Iowa and they have lived in rural Scott County for 23 years.

They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Whisler said other priorities in the Iowa House include new opportunities for small businesses, fairness for hardworking employees, and better protection of our natural resources.
Nominated by convention candidates are often Some Dudes, and just getting a late start puts one at a disadvantage. But four Iowa House freshmen, two of each party, were nominated at conventions in 2010.

And House 97 could be a sleeper. Incumbent Steve Olson (R-DeWitt) had a relatively close 56-44 win in 2008, but went unopposed in 2010. This Clinton-Scott turf is likely to be hotly contested by both parties because of the overlapping open-seat state senate race between Democrat Rita Hart and Republican Andrew Naeve.

The turf has become more Democratic: As of March registration was R +208, which makes this a swing seat. (A full District Of The Day reboot is planned following the August 17 filing deadline; any of you readers know of any other late starters?)

In Clinton County, Olson keeps Camanche, DeWitt and everything west. On the north, Lost Nation stays in the district and Delmar is added. The changes are marginal in Scott as Olson swaps a couple Bettendorf-bordering townships. He keeps Le Claire, Princeton, and most of the Wapsi River border; Donahue and Long Grove are carved out and sent south to Ross Paustian's district.

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