Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dems New Weight Loss Program

Johnson County Democrats have developed a new weight loss program: three parades in 102 degree heat!
The Johnson Co. Democrats are #99 in the Coralville 4th parade. Let's have at LEAST 99 people walking. More would be better! Line up is a 9:00 GEICO/McGregor parking lot. Parade begins at 10 and will be 2 miles long. We'll have water in the parade trailer. This parade is by far the biggest parade of the year with 122 entries. It's also one of the most fun.

Oxford 4th of July Parade, Wednesday,
2:30 PM line-­‐up at Lions/Ball Park
3 PM Parade

Hills Parade Wednesday, July 4th
3:30 PM Registration
@ St. Joseph’s parking lot
5:30 PM Parade
Three parades on the Fourth is slacking for me; I made it to four the year I was a candidate. (And there's a persistent rumor I used to do parades in a donkey costume, I will neither confirm or deny.) Can't decide which candidate's shirt to wear? Bring `em all and change between parades.

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