Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Fourth with the Dems

The score for the Coralville parade: Democrats defeat temperature, 120 to 103. A great turnout considering we were short some of our usual dignitaries. (Dave Loebsack was in Newton, Tipton and Muscatine.)

But we had our usual crowd of local dignitaries from the courthouse and legislative delegation. Our very own "Democratic cheerleader," IDP chair Sue Dvorsky, was with us in Coralville, and hosted the traditional post-parade get together at her home. Senator Bob was with us then headed over to the new part of his district, Tipton.

A three-parade Coralville-Oxford-Hills medal of merit goes to John Stimmel, the Neuzils, the Harneys, the Sullivan/Faths, the Rettig/Butlers, and the Weipert/Fergusons; also the Stutsmans who covered Sharon Center then joined us for Oxford and Hills. (Did I miss anyone?) Mary Mascher, Dave Jacoby, Joe Bolkcom, Janet Lyness and Lonny Pulkrabek were also with us in various places and districts.

As for the Deeth/Steele/Cox/Poisel/Leeneys - yes, five last names in my immediate family - Jimiya and Elias joined us for two parades and Elias is an expert candy thrower. Koni also joined us on her old stomping grounds in Oxford. The boys were smart and stayed in (until it cooled off enough for sparklers).

A large Obama-specific presence; as for the other team, they had their loyalists on hand but no big GOP names sighted, and you had to look fairly close to see the word Romney anywhere. Their most visible person was Steve Sherman. The star in his logo made some folks in our crew wonder if he was running for sheriff rather than state rep.

More of my pics over at this Facebook album. Tom Jacobs was also shooting pictures and even got me in a few. He's been doing this for years, way before social media, and if you see a picture with me in it at a labor event in the last 20 years he probably took it. Tom's been updating and sharing those recently and we all appreciate it. Some other folks posted photos too. This is as good a time as any to remind folks to join the JCDems Facebook group.

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Alternamama said...

Rough count for the GOP in the IC parade: 25.