Friday, March 21, 2014

Legislative Race Grab Bag

Wednesday was the deadline for state and federal candidates to drop out of the June 3 primary. It looks like the only one who did was Jon Van Wyk, the primary challenger to Republican Rep. Greg Heartsill in House 28.

The drop-out sets up the November home school vs. home birth rematch between Heartsill and Democrat Megan Suhr. The Newton Daily News has an in-depth look at Van Wyk's residency problems. He was pretty blatantly carpetbagging in, but there's some question as to whether that bag was unpacked. No word on whether Matt Schultz will file voter fraud charges.

KMA Radio, home of the Everly Brothers and Jim Ross Lightfoot, has a good look at the Senate 11 Republican primary. My expertise in southwest Iowa internal Republican politics is weak, but I think I pegged this one right as a town vs. country fight as Council Bluffs city finance director Art Hill faces former Cattlemen's lobbyist Tom Shipley. Contrasting quotes:
"I'd like to make sure Iowa stays strong, economically," said Hill. "We're in a good position right now by not spending more than we're taking in. The leadership the Branstad Administration has demonstrated on fiscal years over the last handful of years has been good."

"The rural voice of Iowa needs to be heard," Shipley said. "As the demographics in Iowa change, we're losing more representation to urban areas. I think someone needs to be speak up for rural people--someone who has experience and background in that area."
This primary is decisive as Democrats have no candidate and no chance in a blood-red district.

If you're following the Branstad Buy-Out scandal, you may know that one of the former state employees, Pam Deichmann, is the Democratic challenger to Julian Garrett in Senate 13. Deichmann lost the special election for State House 25 to Stan Gustafson in January.

The Clinton Herald profiles Democrat Jay Saxon, running for open House 97 where Republican Steve Olson is retiring. And the Waterloo Courier talks to Walt Rogers' Democratic challenger, Karyn Finn.

Last and least: Tom Hoefling, the Some Dude primarying Terry Branstad, is challenging the governor to five debates. OO kay. "I am willing to debate any time, anywhere in the state, under any circumstance.”

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