Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Filing Day 8

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy needs to pick up 11 seats for the Democrats to become Speaker McCarthy. In today's filings he signed up in his own Des Moines House District 33 seat, and some of his better prospects also dropped by to visit Matt Schultz.

Two top tier Democratic open seat candidates filed: Grinnell city council member Rachel Bly in House District 76 and Joe Judge, yes of THAT Judge family, in House District 80.

And strong challenger candidate Katie "Superman's Mom" Routh, D-Norwalk, filed in House District 25. Republican Julian Garrett is the incumbent; he faces a primary challenge from 2010 rival Joan Acela.

In other filings:

Rita Hart of Wheatland is the first Democrat to file in no-incumbent, two year term Senate District 49. Dorothy O'Neill is expected to follow. The winner will face Republican Andrew Naeve, who lost a very close (71 vote) race for a similar Clinton-based seat in 2010. (The winner of that race, Democrat Tod Bowman, stayed with Jackson County in Senate 29 and holds over to 2014.)

Lee County Supervisor Larry Kruse is the only Republican name to surface in open Senate District 42, where long-time Democrat Gene Fraise is retiring. Kruse will face either 1) the winner of a four way Democratic primary or 2) the person who gets nominated at a convention if no one gets 35%.

New To Me: Republican David Scott Edwards, who appears to be Some Dude, files in heavily Democratic east Des Moines Senate District 16, held since 1994 by Democrat Dick Dearden.

Republican Matt Alcazar came unexpectedly close to Democratic incumbent Helen Miller in 2010. Both of them filed today to set up a rematch in Fort Dodge's House District 9.

Undergrad Jake Highfill of Johnston filed in House District 39, where he's making a primary challenge to Rep. Erik Helland, R-Grimes.

In the Routine Incumbent Department:

  • Jeff Danielson, D-Waterloo, in Senate District 32

  • Dan Mulhbauer, D-Manilla in House District 12

  • Ralph Watts, R-Adel in House District 19

  • Clel Baudler, R-Greenfield in House District 20

  • Dan Kelley, D-Newton in House District 29

  • Ruth Ann Gaines, D-Des Moines in House District 32

  • Jo Oldson, D-Des Moines in House District 41

  • Mary Gaskill, D-Ottumwa in House District 81

  • Dennis Cohoon, D-Burlington in House District 87
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