Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year In Review 2014

New Years Eve is the anniversary of the Deeth Blog, and in a Deeth Blog Tradition I've once again postponed teh roundup of this, the 12th year of the site, until late New Year's Eve. And in another New Year's tradition, as always, my New Year's resolution is to spellcheck before I send.

So this year I'm completely punting and just slapping up selected tweets and retweets to kind of give you the feel of the year.

This post is for the addicts and inside jokers.  If you don't catch every reference, you really had to be there.Step into the Wayback Machine and remember what seemed so important in the moment and marvel at how right or wrong we were...

  • RT @tdorman: Petersen won’t run for governor | TheGazette Jan 02, 2014 _
  • IA03 debate: Mr. Schultz, explain your views on the farm bill. "Voter ID." Should we intervene in Syria? "Voter ID." Jan 02, 2014 _
  • @YoungForIowa switches from Senate race to 3rd CD Jan 02, 2014 _
  • RT @TimAlbrechtIA: RT @TheLifeofSally Bears signed Jay Cutler to a 7-year contract. And in other news, Green Bay fans had extra celebratory… Jan 02, 2014 _
  • @KrauseForIowa ends #IAGov campaign, backs @Senator_Hatch , announces for US Senate 2016 Jan 02, 2014 _
  • Lincoln, McKinley @retrocampaigns @POLITICOMag Which president had the worst 5th year in office: … Jan 03, 2014 _
  • About what they spent on '05 NO campaign @KCJJ MidAmerican Pays Back Over $500,000 to IC After Overbilling Since '04 Jan 03, 2014 _
  • Election Day in Iowa City. Polls open 9:00-9:01 AM. 7 eligible voters, turnout 85.7% Jan 04, 2014 _
  • RT @AJSpiker: What beliefs, principles & values should the @IowaGOP stand for? Iowa Republicans will answer this question on 1/21 https://t… Jan 04, 2014 _
  • RT @AJSpiker: @johndeeth @IowasTeam @KimReynoldsIA Looks like Deeth is sporting a tin foil beret these days! Jan 05, 2014 _
  • @TPM @GeorgeTakei #OhMyyy "The homosexuals are shoving their agenda down our throats" Jan 05, 2014 _
  • What's worse: That R candidate in Tues HD25 special held elected office in CA as late as 05-or that he was recalled? Jan 04, 2014 _
  • RT @tonyleys: Color story from outside Lambeau notes that fans are using coolers 'to keep beer warm.' These are my people.… Jan 05, 2014 _
  • Dem Kevin Kinney, Clear Creek Amana school board & Johnson Co deputy sheriff, announces in open Senate District 39 Jan 06, 2014 _
  • RT @JenniferJJacobs: GOP's Matt Schultz will announce plans for the Iowa 3rd Congressional race Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at Council Bluffs Ci… Jan 07, 2014 _
  • As long as they're not in front of Herteen & Stocker Jewelers @SickOfSpin Homeless Escape Cold By Sleeping In Iowa City Hall Building Jan 07, 2014 _
  • @dmcityview Civic Skinny: "John Deeth Is Funny" #IA03 #MattSchultz #FunnyHowLikeAClown Jan 08, 2014 _
  • RT @KObradovich: Dix calls on Republicans to embrace early voting in order to win more elections. #iapolitics #ialegis Jan 08, 2014 _
  • RT @IowaGOPer: Schultz running for congress in IA's 3rd CD has Republicans scrambling to find a Secretary of State candidate… Jan 08, 2014 _
  • @shanevanderhart So will @AJSpiker call @KObradovich a tin foil hatter for making basically same point I did? #TinFoilBeret #WearItWithPride Jan 08, 2014 _
  • RT @tonyleys: Miller-Meeks says she's leaning toward Congressional run. Resignation as health director was 'totally voluntary.'… Jan 09, 2014 _
  • RT @JenniferJJacobs: GOP's @PateforIowa tells me he respects @VoteMattSchultz but wants "to bring more a nonpartisan approach" to that job … Jan 09, 2014 _
  • I've reviewed the crarter: tear it up and rewrite it. Deeth for Charter Review Commission... Jan 09, 2014 _
  • #XPocalpse 4/8/14 @Amazing_Maps Most popular operating system around the world Jan 11, 2014 _
  • @daveloebsack mentor George Miller of CA announcing retirement today after 40 yrs in US House Jan 13, 2014 _
  • O RLY? @KObradovich @AJSpiker to Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds: I know our convention looks forward to re-nominating you this year. Jan 13, 2014 _
  • Whole state of Iowa: 7 @POLITICOMag Hillary's Hit List: "the spreadsheet was a necessity of modern political warfare" Jan 13, 2014 _
  • RT @Politics1com: IA CD-1: Marshalltown School Board Member Gail Boliver (R) is 4th GOP to enter open seat congressional race. Jan 14, 2014 _
  • RT @IowaGOPer: Monte Shaw tells IA GOP Chair that he is resigning his position on the SCC to run for Congress in Iowa's 3rd District http:/… Jan 16, 2014 _
  • Across lot from Salv Army: thrift store price war! #ImGonnaPopSomeTags @KCJJ Goodwill to Open New IC Flagship Store Jan 16, 2014 _
  • McCoy out, @AppelforIowa's $500k in bank means she's de facto nominee & gets the Chris Coons Right Place Right Time award for 2014 #IA03. Jan 16, 2014 _
  • RT @TPM: Boehner thought Steve King was an "asshole" for "cantaloupes" comment: Jan 17, 2014 _
  • @christinafreund Clown Car Effect: #IASen #IA03 #SomeDude #CatFud Jan 17, 2014 _
  • RT @JenniferJJacobs: Robocalls from @RonPaul asking "liberty minded" Iowans to go to caucuses Tues. Caller ID=Algona #. @TerryBranstad doin… Jan 18, 2014 _ 
  • Left flank covered: `06 candidate @FallonForum overshadows Narcisse announcement & endorses @Senator_Hatch Jan 20, 2014 _
  • RT @jasonnobleDMR: Retired steelworker to run for Council Bluffs seat in the Iowa House: #IApolitics Jan 21, 2014 _
  • Hard right state Rep Tom Shaw not running for re-election Jan 21, 2014 _
  • Former Sen. Mike Sexton to seek Tom Shaw’s House seat #HD10 via @sharethis Jan 23, 2014 _
  • RT @ddkochel: Joe Grandanette was utterly nonsensical at my caucus last night. Took credit (again) for Cong. Latham’s decision to retire. #… Jan 22, 2014 _
  • Bipartisan support @SCJBretH @grantyoung72 My platform plank to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday has passed! Jan 22, 2014 _
  • Guy asks medical marijuana ? & seems completely unaware that @JoeBolkcom is main sponsor Jan 25, 2014 _
  • Not quite Ready For Hillary. @janet4iowa: “You guys want a list. Iowans want engagement.” Jan 27, 2014 _
  • RT @BradAndersonIA: Deeply troubling report from GOP auditor that IA Sec. of State discarded votes of eligible voters in 2012.… Jan 30, 2014 _
  • Wonder how many takes it took to get Dylan's voice intelligible? Feb 03, 2014 _
  • @MJH510 we flipped over to Puppy Bowl and Manning threw a pick 6 there too Feb 03, 2014 _
  • RT @MJH510: "Bruno Mars is playing harder than Manning" - anonymous Bronco fan at party. #SuperBowlXLVIII Feb 03, 2014 _
  • @SteveKingIA's head exploding at multilingual America The Beautiful Coke ad #SB48 Feb 03, 2014 _
  • Important thing re Coke ad: major corporation considers obvious downside of right wing outrage yet decides diversity is better for business Feb 03, 2014 _
  • Key words: "calling delegates" #conventionstrategy @K_Dub20 Very impressed that @MarkJacobsIowa is calling county delegates to answer any ?s Feb 06, 2014 _
  • Paradox-Drop in Clear Creek Amana turnout from 2006 to yesterday may actually indicate INCREASED support.Hear me out: Feb 06, 2014 _
  • RT @SteveDeaceShow: I'd say the odds are pretty good @bobvanderplaats is going to enter the #iasen race very soon. Feb 12, 2014 _ 
  • RT @JoshHarkinson: "The Tom Perkins system is you don't get to vote unless you pay $1 in taxes" and "if you pay $1M in taxes you get 1 mill… Feb 14, 2014 _
  • RT @JeffCharis: Who is the happier: Iowa Democrats because Chet Culver isn't running or Iowa GOPers because Bob Vander Plaats isn't? Feb 15, 2014 _
  • @jasonnobleDMR wins the Internet for today for "Spay-and-neuter bill needs to be fixed" & "Distillery bill on the rocks" in same news cycle Feb 17, 2014 _ 
  • Bet the Beret: Charter Review Commission will NOT include Dieterle @rocknecole @AdamBSullivan @rodsullivan and most of all me Feb 17, 2014 _
  • Bet the beret: IC Charter Review Commission will be Atkins Burns Chappell Elliott Kubby Vanderhoef Shaw Schreiber Craig. Feb 17, 2014 _
  • RT @AdamBSullivan: Kind words from @johndeeth: "Adam's not just J. Random Some Young Dude" Feb 20, 2014 _
  • Charter Review non-appointment is my proudest achievement: I've officially been deemed more radical than Karen Kubby Feb 19, 2014 _
  • THIS WOULD NEVER EVER EVER HAPPEN IN IOWA @SWaltersTV @aburnspolitico @BilldeBlasio car speeding, running stop signs Feb 20, 2014 _ 
  • RT @TPM: "I do apologize—not necessarily to the President," says Ted Nugent after he calls the President a "subhuman mongrel"… Feb 21, 2014 _
  • "Subhuman Mongrel" may have been an outtake from @TedNugent's `81 album "Intensities In 10 Cities" Actual tracks: Feb 21, 2014 _
  • Which politicians were at Iowa City Federation of Labor chili supper last night? I took attendance & pics: Feb 21, 2014 _
  • See you on the other side, Spengler: goodbye to Ghostbuster Harold Ramis. Say hi to Slimer #DontCrossTheStreams Feb 24, 2014 _
  • RT @MooreforIowa: Trip today to Des Moines to turn in papers to Secretary of State for district 39 Senate primary June 3rd. Now officially… Feb 25, 2014 _
  • @Drahozal4House filed in @PatMurphy4Iowa's HD99 Opposed Dick Myers in 2000 as Libertarian Party candidate. Lost 85-15 Feb 27, 2014 _
  • @PaulDeaton_IA @AnesaKajtazovic a No on the pro-silencer bill; @PatMurphy4Iowa a Yes. Feb 28, 2014 _
  • WO: "@waltrogersforIA announced today that he is ending his campaign for #IA01
  • RT @Sethrogen: @AdamBSullivan you are an idiot. Mar 02, 2014 _
  • @JLynessCampaign & @jz4justice, @mikecarberry & @JanelleRettig, Kinney & Gilmore pledge 2 support Dem nominees if they lose primary #JCDems Mar 07, 2014 _
  • @Swati_Dandekar files on Day 9, surprisingly as a D With @waltrogersforIA out she may have had better chance as R Mar 07, 2014 _
  • Election of 50 delegates solved by time honored method of "put your hand down to be an alternate" Fastest easiest election ever Mar 08, 2014 _
  • RT @ddkochel: I'm gonna propose an amendment that all rules debate has to take place in form of a rap battle ala 8 Mile. #Everybodyinthe515… Mar 08, 2014 _
  • RT @ProfHagle: To much laughter, convo chair rules that inconsistent platform planks are possible. Mar 08, 2014 _
  • RT @ProfHagle: Bipartisanship! "@johndeeth: @ProfHagle strangely, same question coming up at our convention." Mar 08, 2014 _
  • RT @ddkochel: Interesting moment, speaker warns "we're going to have pure anarchy in here" and gets smattering of applause. #ronpaulrevolut… Mar 08, 2014 _
  • RT @ddkochel: Quick, someone research whether the Iowa or US Constitution is silent on county conventions running into a second day. Mar 08, 2014 _
  • RT @shanevanderhart: Breaking news via @JamieJohnsonUSA @AJSpiker said he will step down as @IowaGOP chair effective 3/29. #iagop Mar 09, 2014 _
  • RT @christinafreund: Rand must have wanted a strong fundraiser MT @JenniferJJacobs: BREAKING: @AJSpiker resigned bc he’s to become politica… Mar 09, 2014 _
  • Former Newton Mayor Chaz Allen (D) to seek retiring state Sen. Black’s seat via @DMRegister Mar 10, 2014 _
  • Family calls 911 after being trapped in room by fat, angry cat via @WPIX Mar 11, 2014 _
  • Taking bets: which significant announced candidate does not turn in papers tomorrow? Paul Lunde and Paul Dahl don't count. Mar 13, 2014 _
  • Also taking bets: which primary loser ends up on November ballot for another office? Mar 13, 2014 _
  • @theamazingdena Matt's double-checking the list for felons and "illegals" Mar 15, 2014 _
  • "This is not the final candidate list for the June 3, 2014, Primary Election. Filings received on 3/14 that have yet to be reviewed are: " Mar 15, 2014 _
  • List updated. Last minute ?marks Boliver (R-IA01) Hoefling (R-Gov) qualify; Lunde (R-Sen), Narcisse (D-Gov) fail Mar 15, 2014 _
  • RT @Gabesmom: Paul Lunde does not qualify for the ballot for #iasen. Can we stop inviting him to forums now? #booktourover #iagop Mar 15, 2014 _
  • No Republican candidate for AG or state treasurer Mar 15, 2014 _
  • @theamazingdena @LucasOglesbee No Jane No! Most annoying perennial candidate: Jane Jech, Joan Acela, Brett Nelson or David Johnson? Mar 15, 2014 _
  •  .@DKElections officially calls Schaben, Waldren Some Dude Mar 18, 2014 _
  • RT @rjfoley: Former Iowa felon on trial says she believed she could vote, wasn't aware of @terrybranstad policy change… Mar 19, 2014 _
  • RT @rjfoley: Surreal scene today as Lee County Attorney Michael Short ridiculed Kelli Jo Griffin for seeking to get beyond a troubled past Mar 20, 2014 _
  • RT @rjfoley: Former offender acquitted in Iowa voter fraud case (from @AP) Mar 20, 2014 _
  • RT @chrislhayes: A Girls Season 3 in Iowa City really would be a hilarious departure. Mar 24, 2014 _ 
  • RT @chucktodd: IA GOP sen candidate Jodi Ernst makes "castrating" the 6th word she utters in her debut TV ad. Mar 25, 2014 _
  • RT @thedailybeast: Calling out Chuck Grassley as the first non-lawyer to possibly head the Judicial Committee isn't a dig at farmers http:/… Mar 25, 2014 _
  • A choice for county attorney Mar 25, 2014 _
  • I speak for myself. When a lot of people who've repeatedly won the confidence of the voters agree with me it's just a nice bonus. Mar 25, 2014 _
  • Didn't put what office you're running for on the paperwork? Racism! @JasonClayworth Narcisse challenges ruling Mar 26, 2014 _
  • RT @jcauditor: 4th Dem supervisor candidate Diane Dunlap filed joining @mikecarberry @Lisa4Supervisor & @JanelleRettig on 6/3 primary ballo… Mar 26, 2014 _
  • Of COURSE the killjoy image control freak UI admins vetoed @girlsHBO on campus. Who would have ever expected them to do anything else? Mar 28, 2014 _
  • @JasonClayworth @DMRegister Bet the beret Narcisse-ist runs as an independent again this fall Mar 28, 2014 _
  • RT @jcauditor: Jonathan Narcisse loses in appeal to IA Supreme Court, will not be on 6/3 Democratic primary ballot for governor… Mar 31, 2014 _
  • .@onanov Looks like Zimmerman doesn't like campaign $ disclosure laws either Is it like No Jail: Rs secretly paying? Apr 01, 2014 _
  • .@Chris_Liebig @onanov of course rules dont apply to us pattern makes sense when whole platform is I won't enforce laws I don't like Apr 01, 2014 _
  • Scouting the other team tonight at @JohnsonCOIAGOP dinner! @TerryBranstad main speaker. Stay tuned for polite yet pointed commentary Apr 03, 2014 _
  • Based on speech @TerryBranstad is running against Chet Culver, Tom Vilsack and @JoeBolkcom Apr 04, 2014 _
  • Harsh dismissal by omission: @TerryBranstad attacks Democratic predecessors with nary a nention of current opponent @Senator_Hatch Apr 04, 2014 _
  • RT @BradAndersonIA: This is what abuse of IA SOS office looks like - Schultz campaign mailer. Note "official ballot enclosed"… Apr 04, 2014 _
  • But not Iowa: 2286 days since last in #FirstInTheNation state @KCCINews @HillaryClinton embarks on busy 3-state swing Apr 07, 2014 _
  • .@douglaswburns "Criminalizing abortion a bridge too far" hurts @Clovis2014 more in R primary than "Race keeps House from impeaching Obama" Apr 08, 2014 _
  • Inconsistent Message In Social Host Bill Age amendment from 21 to 18 a rare acknowledgement that #18IsAdult Apr 10, 2014 _
  •  @jz4justice going non-union printed is a statement: screw labor. Apr 12, 2014 _
  •  .@votemattschultz: 9 additional faux felons disenfranchised in 2012 presidential election Apr 11, 2014 _
  • RT @LiftMyLuggage: Is anyone else in Iowa City even half as annoying on Twitter as @JohnDeeth? I doubt it. #concerntroll #hack Apr 12, 2014 _
  • On my ride just passed someone simultaneously biking and reading a book. May be the most Iowa City thing ever. Apr 12, 2014 _
  • One of Johnson County's greatest Democrats Harry Seelman died yesterday Condolences to @marymascher & whole family Apr 12, 2014 _
  • .@BrentGriffiths did @joniernst vote no - or skip the vote? Apr 12, 2014 _
  •  l Iiked this movie the first time I saw it when it was called "Blaze" @politico 4-time governor+felon Edwin Edwards runs for Congress at 86. Apr 13, 2014 _
  • RT @presscitizen: Coming to a Hy-Vee near you: democracy. Introducing the votemobile: Apr 15, 2014 
  • Wants To Supervise 13 Experienced Attorneys. Passes Bar 6 Weeks Before Election. … Apr 19, 2014 _
  • RT @DonMcDowell: Yikes RT @DMRegister Aide to SOS Matt Schultz was allowed to keep his $126,000 salary after his job was cut.… Apr 23, 2014 _
  • .@JohnKerry Israel apartheid remark meets classic definition of a gaffe: inadvertently speaking the truth Apr 29, 2014 _
  • umm… only 231 of those are to Republicans. 1725 went to Dems .@zaunforcongress 2,000 absentees sent out in #IA03! Apr 30, 2014 _
  • Which Deeth Blog Item Will Annoy The Most People? Clippers, drugs, voter ID, libertarian bashing or #LimeInTheCoconut Apr 30, 2014 _
  • Carberry: "Agree w/o being disagreeable" Recommends beer. #jocovotes May 06, 2014 _
  • Dunlap punts a second time "not having been involved with county government" (says the county employee) #jocovotes May 06, 2014 _
  • @JanelleRettig subtext across the board: experience (one incumbent vs 3 challengers) May 06, 2014 _
  • Some of my snark may have gotten a little harsh but I long ago ran out of sympathy for the self-interest of the single issue Newport Rd crew May 06, 2014 _
  • Obviously I made my mind up for @JLynessCampaign already. But forum confirmed @jz4justice really can only talk about one thing May 06, 2014 _
  • .@JLynessCampaign explains why you can't just not prosecute what you don't like, then explains what she's actually doing May 06, 2014 _
  • Shorter @JLynessCampaign: experience, deep roots, big picture. May 06, 2014 _
  • .@JenniferJJacobs this is the exactly the kind of Real Caucus Campaign stuff @JoeBiden is doing & @HillaryClinton is NOT. May 07, 2014 _
  • RT @JenniferJJacobs: Register exclusive: Biden told the crowd Iowans that he came "because Tom Harkin told me to." #… May 07, 2014 _
  • RT @SamRoecker: .@BradAndersonIA: "The results of this investigation show the real fraud in Iowa is being committed by Matt Schultz” https:… May 08, 2014 _
  • RT @LyndaIowa: Audience at #ClintonHOF has broken out in a chorus of "Run, Bernie, Run" as @SenSanders finishes his keynote address. May 18, 2014 _
  • RT @joniernst: Proud to receive @DMRegister editorial board's endorsement for #IASEN! May 18, 2014 _
  • Bernie Sanders may be stepping on us but Johnson Co Dems have a big event too w our Hall of Fame dinner May 18, 2014 _
  • Sec of Ag candidate @SherrieForIowa saying the right things but not exactly a spellbinder May 18, 2014 _
  • @daveloebsack: "I dont usually get involved in primaries but we need to keep @JLynessCampaign as our county attorney" #JoCoHOF May 18, 2014 _
  • RT @KCJJ: The Mayor of North Liberty, Tom Salm died this morning after suffering a heart attack. May 18, 2014 _
  • Good luck to Dave Panther and all our @HamburgInn friends for speedy recovery from fire last night May 18, 2014 _
  • Not sure which argument in Johnson County primary more insane: @JLynessCampaign a "conservative" or @JanelleRettig "anti-bike" May 22, 2014 _
  • RT @ZachWahls: Tomorrow will mark 2,333 days since @HillaryClinton has visited Iowa. h/t @johndeeth May 23, 2014 _
  • Based on signs, Newport NIMBYs have decided to waste 2nd vote on "Don't Know" Dunlap. So results will tell us just how small the group is. May 28, 2014 _
  • I'd join the lesbian mafia but I'm not... Italian. May 29, 2014 _
  • Factoid: @Lisa4Supervisor & HD73 candidate Dennis Boedeker both won Election Day vote. Lost on early vote. Jun 04, 2014 _
  • Congrats to @JanelleRettig & @JLynessCampaign. Also to @mikecarberry. Looking forward to supporting you all Jun 04, 2014 _
  • Will forever be proud to have been a small part of @AnesaKajtazovic campaign. Svaka čast, my friend. Jun 04, 2014 _
  • RT @tamarakeithNPR: "I've said to you more than I should have." - VP Biden speech where he gave wide ranging remarks, not quite related to … Jun 04, 2014 _
  • RT @mikecarberry: John Deeth starts the Johnson County Democrats process of unity by proudly installing a Carberry for Supervisor... http:/… Jun 05, 2014 _
  • RT @JD_OLeary: Hamburg Inn damage worse than feared; says it will be July before reopening after fire Jun 10, 2014 _
  • RT @DKElections: Dave Brat is now officially a hero to Some Dudes everywhere Jun 11, 2014 _
  • winning 2nd term @SCJBretH what will it take for Bush 43 to match/better Bush 41 with the parachute jumping? Jun 12, 2014 _
  • RT @IowaGOPer: @Clovis2014 will seek GOP nomination for State Treasurer at this weekends state convention. #IA2014 #… Jun 13, 2014 _
  • I'm known for making lists but my first lists came from Casey Kasem. Keep your feet on the ground & keep reaching for the stars. Jun 15, 2014 _
  • Actually quite a few Iowans - from @Senator_Hatch on down - care that @HillaryClinton hasn't been to IA in 2359 days Jun 19, 2014 _
  • .@bllorenz @aburnspolitico Favre says making the Cochran ad was hard decision, changed mind 3 times Jun 18, 2014 _
  • Holding hope (but not breath) that @HillaryClinton waiting for @HamburgInn grand re-opening to visit IA. 2358 days and counting Jun 18, 2014 _
  • Highly recommended by @billclinton ! @HamburgInn We'd love to see @HillaryClinton! Mrs. Clinton, what kind of pie shake would you like? Jun 19, 2014 _
  •  RT @BenMiller_2014: “@KObradovich: Voting is under way for the first ballot. #ia03 #iagop” quote Zevon send lawyers, guns and money.. Jun 21, 2014 _
  • RT @BradAndersonIA: It's official. Matt Schultz will not hold any Iowa public office in 2015. Need to make sure same is true for his campai… Jun 21, 2014 _
  • RT @Bencjacobs: Young look celebratory and hugging people. Zaun is sitting in the back and looking distraught. It's going to be Young #ia03 Jun 21, 2014 _
  • RT @DIpolitics: Democratic delegates are now discussing the sixteenth and final amendment of the evening #iapolitics Jun 21, 2014 _
  • .@GovernorOMalley campaigns for @Senator_Hatch & maybe for O'Malley Also @MonicaVernon & Chet Culver in Iowa City Jun 22, 2014 _
  • RT @doraut: Sally Hoelscher resigns from ICCSD BOE effective immediately. #ICCSD Jun 25, 2014 _
  • .@ghennigan @PaulDeaton_IA what definitely CAN'T happen: no option for public to petition and force a special election Jun 25, 2014 _
  • RT @ezraklein: If you had told me a year ago Thad Cochran would win reelection by mobilizing African American voters… Jun 25, 2014 _
  • RT @presscitizen: Longtime council member Gerry Kuhl appointed mayor of North Liberty Jun 25, 2014 _
  • Still writers blocked. So here's a video of my cats. Jun 29, 2014 _
  • RT @TheFix: How the Internet blamed the wrong Twitter handle for today's Hobby Lobby decision. Jun 30, 2014 _ 
  • RT @ghennigan: The Iowa City school board will appoint someone to the vacant seat. Applications due July 14. Board will meet July 21 to pic… Jul 01, 2014 
  • @Chris_Liebig @PaulDeaton_IA "vacancy MUST be filled by appointment" unless "board FAILS to appoint a replacement" Jul 01, 2014 _
  • @PatchIowa @ELeeBakker @nsterzenbach True. But for IA to stay #FITN Ds will have to find SOME way to accomodate those who truly CAN'T attend Jul 03, 2014 _
  • .@PatchIowa @ELeeBakker @nsterzenbach Just ideas now. But to keep working together, IA Rs have to get that the access issue is big on D side Jul 03, 2014 _
  • .@JenniferJJacobs GOPs @ChrisChristie & @SenRandPaul coming to IA. @HillaryClinton selling books in England. Jul 03, 2014 _
  • RT @RamonesOfficial: We are saddened to announce the passing of Ramones founding drummer Tommy (Erdelyi) Ramone. #RIPTommyRamone http://t.c… Jul 12, 2014 _
  • .@ghennigan @Chris_Liebig Herbert Hoover at age 140 would be oldest board member ever but 2) sadly West Branch outside ICCSD Jul 14, 2014 _
  • .@joniernst s/be thanked for her service. But being on duty should NOT make her automatically immune from any/all criticism as a candidate. Jul 15, 2014 _
  • So much for that IA GOP slogan @rollcallpols Ernst & Young Agrees To Pay $4 Million Over Lobbying Violations Jul 15, 2014 _
  • RT @daveweigel: McDaniel’s attorney now saying that votes from black Dems “diluted the REAL vote.” #mssen Jul 16, 2014 _
  • RT @alyankovic: It’s official. MANDATORY FUN enters the Billboard album chart this week at #1. Wow. WOW. Jul 24, 2014 _
  • RT @rubycramer: "Liberal blogger @johndeeth keeps a running tally on his website on Clinton's absence" in Iowa. (239… Jul 24, 2014 _
  • RT @thesarahkelly: Iowans love voting so much that they have mock elections at their county fair so they can vote just for funsies. Jul 24, 2014 _
  • Irish critical mass: OMalley & Harkin at event for Kevin Kinney. At a place called OBriens. Jul 26, 2014 _
  • RT @SimonRadio1776: JUST ANNOUNCED @whoradio @NarcisseforIowa said that tomorrow morning he is handing in petitions to be on the ballot for… Jul 28, 2014 _
  • Sarah Palin channel (now real) literally WAS a Tina Fey SNL sketch. Jul 28, 2014 _

  • .@desmoinesdem #SD07 D primary loser filed this week as independent. #NotHelping Aug 01, 2014 _
  • RT @KObradovich: IDP chairman Scott Brennan is presenting the proposals to the DNC's Rules/Bylaws Committee today. #iacaucus… Aug 01, 2014 _
  • RT @KObradovich: Iowa Democrats' ideas for expanding caucus participation include tele-caucuses for military members. #iapolitics http://t.… Aug 01, 2014 _
  • RT @packers: Brett Favre will be inducted into the #Packers HOF & have his No. 4 retired next summer:… Aug 04, 2014 _ 
  • State Rep. Henry Rayhons dropping out of #HD08 re-elect race, 11 days before filing deadline Aug 05, 2014 _
  • RT @jcauditor: "Friday Night Lights" early voting at 6 high school football games this fall! Aug 06, 2014 _
  • Solidarity Forever: A brief inadequate tribute to Patrick Hughes Aug 07, 2014 _
  • Condolences to Rep. Henry Rayhons who dropped out of HD08 re-elect bid. Wife Donna passed away Fri Aug 10, 2014 _
  • #RobinWilliams Aug 11, 2014 _
  • A rumor that @VoteMattSchultz's campaign slogan for Madison Co Attorney will be "More Felons = Less Voters" is as yet unconfirmed. Aug 14, 2014 _
  • Has anyone anywhere ever handled the spotlight worse that #Ferguson police? #NotHelping Aug 14, 2014 _
  • That Henry Rayhons dropout makes a LOT more sense now doesn't it? Aug 15, 2014 _WTF is a New Independent Party Iowa and won't people get confused with the Iowa Party Aug 15, 2014 _
  • Final Harkin Steak Fry guest getting teased to point where if it ISN'T @HillaryClinton IA debut, even @BarackObama will be letdown #2418Days Aug 18, 2014 _
  • RT @JenniferJJacobs: BREAKING: Tom Harkin's final Steak Fry in Iowa will feature both Bill and Hillary Clinton as speakers. Aug 18, 2014 _
  • Yes. I KNOW already. Last time I got forwarded this many copies of same story: Onion on Al/Tipper Gore splitup. Aug 18, 2014 _
  • Assuming @HillaryClinton arrives as scheduled on 9/14/14, 2446 days @jasonnobleDMR @greghauenstein What was the final count, John? Aug 18, 2014 _ 
  • Definitely a weak link between Some Girls and Tattoo You @politico Obama shuns emotional rescue on race Aug 19, 2014 _
  • .@suedvorsky "we cannot repudiate @VOTEMATTSCHULTZ record until Brad Anderson is secretary of state" Aug 21, 2014 _
  • Breaking: @senatorsanders to visit Iowa City for @JohnsonCoDems BBQ Oct 5 Aug 21, 2014 _
  • .@jeffgiertz @jasonnobleDMR Life's Been Good to @JoniForIowa so far but @TeamBraley will prevail in The Long Run Aug 21, 2014 _
  • RT @ghennigan: According to his LinkedIn profile, former county attorney candidate @jz4justice is now a public defender in Missouri. Aug 24, 2014 _
  • Iowa City aka Peoples Republic of Johnson County @jmartNYT what college town has most lefty stigma in a statewide race? Madison, Austin...? Aug 25, 2014 _
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Election Law Questions

Hey, Peter Cownie: Why get rid of the straight ticket option when three our of eight Iowa voters use it?  When in the polarized 21st century, party affiliation is maybe the single most important piece of info about a candidate?

I marked the straight ticket, and encouraged others to, though Sherrie Taha almost deterred me from doing it.

And hey, Brad Zaun: Can't you get ANY of your colleagues to run your sore loser primary runoff bill?  Not that I have anything against runoff per se - though I prefer a ranked choice instant runoff.  That would have helped someone who was everyone's second of third choice (like, um, David Young) and hurt someone who is an Anyone But choice (like Pat Murphy or, well, you.)  It's just that you personally running the bill makes it look extra sore-losery.

A change in Israeli election law, via Ballot Access News:
Israel will elect a new Knesset on March 17, 2015. This will be the first election in which a party needs 3.25% of the total vote cast instead of just 2% to earn seats in the body. The change was made in March 2013. Israel’s form of proportional representation has long been criticized on the basis that too many parties win representation.
 13 parties in the last election, rivaling the late era German Weimar Republic... and we all know  THAT ended badly.

Speaking of Israel and elections, Chris Mathews argues:
Being for the war in 2002 thinking was the smarts. She represents New York [then as Senator]. That makes sense.  A lot of people are very pro-Israel. They worry about anything in that region. She also knows that supporting wars has a better track record for people running for president than being doves.
Granted, Mathews has never been a big Hillary fan (to put it mildly). But Phillip Weiss at Mondoweiss adds:
A few years ago, the idea that support for the disastrous Iraq war was driven in any way by concern for Israel’s security was verboten. Walt and Mearsheimer were accused of being anti-Semites for saying that the Israel lobby pushed the war. Jeffrey Goldberg went in for the casual smear that they were saying that Jews started all American wars. But we’ve gone 12 years since that awful decision; the battle lines have softened; and the elites are changing; and raising the issue doesn’t seem to endanger Jews in the U.S., as was surely feared when folks kept their mouths shut about the matter in years gone by. When I started blogging at this site in 2006, I said that we needed to have this debate, inside the Jewish community and in the broader American community.

What has supporting Israel done to our foreign policy? When Roosevelt and George Marshall warned in the 1940s of unending war in the Middle East if we helped to establish a Jewish state in Palestine, were they prophetic?
Um... yes.

Something for Hillary Clinton to think about as she "looks to shore up support on the left."
Beret bidding continues, contact me for bidding...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bid on a Beret!

Want a genuine Deeth Blog beret? One can be yours with a charitable donation.

Each Yuletide, Johnson County has a tree in the Administration Building lobby.  We decorate it through December with mittens, hats and gloves.  And there's plenty of room under the tree for non-perishable food and goods.

This year I had a special hat for the tree topper.

It's even still got the price tag from the second hand store.

We could just pack it up with all the other stuff, but we thought we could raise a little money with it.

I've auctioned off Deeth Blog Berets before, at political fundraisers.  But this beret is for a non-partisan cause: the Crisis Center of Johnson County.

Email bids to me at johndeethiowacity(at)  I'll update the winning bid in the header section of the blog. (Right below the Deeth exit sign, where "Too old to be cool, too young not to care" used to be.)  The first bid is already in, from my boss Travis Weipert at $5.  That's way too much of a bargain; my record is $40 and I'm sure we can beat that.

The tree is in the Administration Building lobby till the close of business Friday, January 2.  I'll announce the winner that evening.  Offer includes a Prince-approved Certificate of Authenticity, and I'll autograph the beret on request.  Let the bidding war begin!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Democrat Discovered in Sioux County!

Well whadda ya know. They found a Democrat in Sioux County.  From the Iowa Democratic Party:
Buntsma to Seek HD 4 Seat

Orange City — John Buntsma of Orange City received the Democratic nomination for House Distirct 4 on December 18.  A special election will be held on January 6 to fill the seat of the late Representative Dwayne Alons who passed away in early December.

Buntsma was born in the Netherlands in 1952 and moved to the U.S. in his childhood.  He is a graduate of Boone High School and received a BS in Mass Communication from Bemidji State College in 1974.  Since that time, he has been employed as general manager and editor of several Midwestern newspapers, including The Dayton Review, The Sioux County Capital-Democrat, and The Le Mars Daily Sentinel.  Buntsma has been employed by Staples Promotional Products in Orange City since 1997.

Buntsma spent much of his childhood in a single parent family and believes a solid education afforded him opportunities to get ahead.  “We must continue to fund Iowa schools—particularly our rural schools—to ensure our children get the best preparation for adulthood,” Buntsma said.

Buntsma and his wife, Cheryl, have been married for 26 years and have one daughter, Katie.   He is a long-time volunteer for the American Cancer Society.  In addition, he has been active with the Orange City Tulip Festival, the Orange City Arts Council, the Dutch Front Committee, the Downtown Visioning Committee and the Orange City Library Board where he has held executive office.  Buntsma and his wife attend Trinity Reformed Church where he has served as a Sunday School teacher, missions committee member, Wednesday night children’s worker, deacon, and elder.
And even a somewhat CREDIBLE Democrat.

Of course, Buntsma doesn't stand a Dutchman's chance in the number one Republican district in the state.  Terry Branstad just got 91 percent in Sioux County, and that makes it one of the most GOP counties in the nation.  (Iowa's unusual in that our most Republican places are more Republican than our most Democratic places are Democratic.  In big states you see 90% Democratic in major cities, but the GOP tops out around 70 in rural areas.)

Buntsma is the first Democrat to try in this seat since 2008, when Alons held James Van Bruggen to 18 percent, probably some kind of record for a two major party candidate race in this state. Let's just say that retired postal worker John Kooiker, winner of a three ballot GOP convention, is a heavy favorite in the January 6 special.

He's not likely to be kookier than Alons, who rest his soul but he once argued that global warming wasn't a problem because we have air conditioning.

There's been some grumbling from western Iowa Dems that the state party thinks nothing exists west of I-35.  So even though the race isn't winnable, this is a good development in a 50 State Strategy way.  Maybe an actual local campaign will build things so we can hold the Republicans to 80 percent next time.  Not being snarky.  If Iowa is close, even a few more Democratic votes in the most Republican place might make a difference, probably not in that seat but maybe for the whole state.  I didn't see the Johnson County Republicans giving up...

House 4 is a less interesting special election than Senate 12, though.  State Rep. Mark Costello is still a safe bet to take over from Joni Ernst in the December 30 special, and a Costello win means yet another special election. (I never get tired of telling people that when Bob Dvorsky had a chance to go from House to Senate in a 1994 special, he resigned the House seat so the elections could be combined.)

I didn't expect a Democrat to file in this seat, which is either the number 2 or 3 Republican Senate seat depending on your yardstick.  But Steve Adams of Red Oak got in.  I think he lives in Costello's half of the district, so maybe he can carry the campaign into the second special. (Republicans had a seven candidate convention, and some of the losers live in Costello's House seat.)

But the drama comes from the Libertarian, Don Brantz, who as a Republican was a Mills County supervisor.  A party split is always drama, but the district is so red that even with a splitter, Adams didn't look likely to get past Costello...

...and that was before Brantz was booked last week on Nebraska charges for third degree sexual assault.

There's no punchline to that so I'll just note that Republicans have an overwhelming absentee ballot lead, 950 to 66.

Sales Tax By The Numbers

As noted last week by the Daily Iowan and no one else in the news media, The Iowa City Council and Johnson County Supervisors sat down for their first joint meeting in forever the other week, and a sales tax do-over was on the top of the city's agenda.

The sales tax lost in the November 4 election, with 53.8% No to 46.2% yes.  It was an odd afterthought in the midst of the Open Seat Senate Race year, made stranger by the fact that there was no actual Yes campaign.

Well, I guess, there was a Yes committee, named YES!, chaired by council member Susan Mims.  They raised $6,350 and spent $3,750, but there was never a broad campaign mailing, and never a yard sign spotted. The only public evidence that the issue was even on the ballot were a handful of letters to the editor.

Anyway, there's $2,594 in the bank for the next campaign, which will be... when?

Unlike the courthouse issue (which also had no visible campaign), there's no mandatory six month waiting period.  The sales tax could be back on the ballot as soon as March 3, the first of four dates set aside for city/county ballot issues in 2015.

I don't expect the city to get it together that fast, so the other options in 2015 are May 5, August 4, or in combination with the November 3 city election - that last, a risk the council incumbents are unlikely to want to take.

Whichever date they pick, the sales tax will face a very different electorate than it saw in November.

Any down-ballot issue or candidate has a huge challenge in a general election, trying to break through the noise of the top of the ticket races.  But local ballot committees have a different challenge.  Any smart campaign targets likely voters.  In a small local election, that's an easy group to define.  But in a general election, targeting likely voters means targeting EVERYONE, an intense and expensive proposition which may explain why the courthouse and sales tax committees didn't do the mailers.

How different IS the electorate in a local special election?  More specifically, and this is a question I get asked, did student votes hurt the sales tax?

Before I answer that, let's get the numbers in front of us for what DID happen in November.  First, Iowa City proper.  Remember, this is a five city vote.  The 2009 sales tax election was a one time only thing, each city for itself.  And under those rules, Iowa City would have passed it.

  Yes No
Student areas (precincts 3 5 11 19 20) 1044 43.9% 1335 56.1%
Southeast (10 12 14 15) 1428 43.3% 1869 56.7%
Near East side (16 17 18) 2140 53.4% 1869 46.6%
Far East side (1 6 23 24) 3026 52.1% 2781 47.9%
Northside/Manville (4 21 22) 1516 56.0% 1190 44.0%
West Side (2 7 8 9 13) 2444 50.4% 2401 49.6%
Total 11598 50.3% 11445 49.7%

Hmm.  Six roughly equal, cohesive, demographic chunks of town... six council districts each electing their own member?  And an elected mayor?  The numbers don't QUITE match up, so you'd have to tweak the lines, but something along this model would be an interesting way to set up the city council.  Would be nice to get a voting student on the council from that downtown district...

But that was a tangent.  This is a post about the sales tax.  Note support in home-ownery areas and opposition on the lower income southeast side.  And yes, the students were opposed...

  Yes No
Coralville 2460 37.5% 4102 62.5%
North Liberty 2156 39.1% 3361 60.9%
Tiffin 298 36.4% 520 63.6%
CV/NL/TF Total 4914 38.1% 7983 61.9%
University Heights 341 63.7% 194 36.3%
Grand Total 16853 46.2% 19622 53.8%

...but not as much as the three outlying cities were.  Coralville, North Liberty and Tiffin were all more than 60% No.  Coralville leaders cited frustration with the formula for distributing funds, based on old data.  And the outlying cities simply aren't as desperate for the revenue as Iowa City is, because Iowa City was hit harder than anyplace else in the state by property tax "reforms" that cut deeply into the property taxes the city can collect on rental property.

University Heights is an outlier; with only one or two tax collecting businesses, the sales tax was and is a good deal for them, and they voted more heavily Yes than any other precinct.  Put it all together it's a 54-46 loss.

But back to that initial question: how did the turnout model change the outcome?

Let's apply the model of a lower turnout special election.  Let's assume that only the voters who vote in a local special election vote, and those voters cast the same Yes or No votes they did in November.

The most recent county wide local special election was Justice Center 2, in May 2013.  That's especially good because it's a money question AND because I expect the sales tax do-over to land on that May 5 date because I think Iowa City is panicking about their Fiscal 2016 budget and wants the money on or before July 1.

I adjusted turnout a little bit to account for population growth - Coralville growing faster than Iowa City, North Liberty growing faster than Coralville, and Tiffin growing faster than North Liberty.

Disclaimer: in the table below I lump absentees in with their precincts. In November, because it was a general election, we got absentee votes broken out by precinct. In a special, all absentees will be lumped together.

  Yes No
Student areas (precincts 3 5 11 19 20) 220 46.4% 253 53.6%
Southeast (10 12 14 15) 378 43.5% 492 56.5%
Near East side (16 17 18) 816 53.1% 721 46.9%
Far East side (1 6 23 24) 1137 51.8% 1058 48.2%
Northside/Manville (4 21 22) 500 56.1% 391 43.9%
West Side (2 7 8 9 13) 722 52.1% 665 47.9%
Iowa City Total 3774 51.3% 3580 48.7%
Coralville 638 37.7% 1055 62.3%
North Liberty 322 39.3% 498 60.7%
Tiffin 69 36.4% 120 63.6%
CV/NL/TF Total 1029 38.1% 1674 61.9%
U Heights 119 63.7% 68 36.3%
Contiguous Cities Total 4922 48.0% 5322 52.0%

Not enough changes to get the sales tax over the finish line. The higher turnout in the general election cost the sales tax a couple points in November, but it wasn't close enough that those couple points made the difference.

(Just for fun: In the special election turnout model, the unincorporated vote is 53.5% No, 46.5% Yes, virtually unchanged from November.  And in the two small cities that voted No in November, Oxford and Shueyville, I projected ONE VOTE No wins in a special.)

Let's assume Coralville, North Liberty and Tiffin stay at the same 60%+ No levels.  To overcome that, Iowa City needs to get about 55% Yes.

So what changes?  An actual campaign that contacts voters, for one thing.  But the language starts over again.  Let's hypothetically amend it like this:
A local sales and services tax shall be imposed in the cities of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, University Heights at the rate of one percent (1%) to be effective from July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2025.
Revenues from the sales and services tax are to be allocated as follows:

50%     for maintenance, repair, construction and reconstruction of public streets, trails and associated infrastructure.

40%     for property tax relief.

10% 100%    for programs and initiatives that increase affordable housing, with no less than 75% of said 10% to be allocated for programs and initiatives that increase affordable housing for households at or below 80% of area median income as defined annually in accordance with federal law.
I like that amendment.  There was more than a little lefty grumbling about seeing "property tax relief" on the ballot; wasn't it Terry Branstad's property tax "relief" plan that got the city in this jam in the first place?

But my gut feeling is that my amendment above wouldn't GAIN votes for the sales tax, it would just move them around.  Votes gained in precinct 12 (Bon Aire) would be lost in precinct 24 (Windsor Ridge).

So that's just an exercise in pointing out that the language matters.

I'm kind of an agnostic here.  I literally made my mind up in the booth, and I don't feel sure enough about it to say which way I went.  I know that the city is screwed without the revenue, and I also know that any kind of actual progressive tax reform is off the table in Iowa for at least the next few years.

But the other thing that affects my vote?  The direction of city government.

As anyone who reads this blog in odd numbered years knows, I've long been frustrated by the direction of Iowa City government, especially its open contempt for the student population that, to state the obvious, drives the economy of this city. 

Before I think about the sales tax again,  I want to see what happens with the charter review commission.  There's a public input meeting January 7.  I probably won't go because I said my piece here already.  It's not an accident that I went on that tangent about an all-student council district.  And getting rid of that blatantly anti-student "qualified elector" thing is the least they can do.

And I want to know who gets my penny, which is why I'd really like to see the sales tax on the same ballot as the council.  Who's spending the penny: a Terry Dickens-Susan Mims council, or a Jim Throgmorton-Kingsley Botchway council?