Monday, March 10, 2003

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum : Hall of Fame : 2003 Inductees

This should have been the night of the Clash reunion...

"Strummer, Mick Jones and "Topper" Headon wanted to perform at the Clash's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Paul Simonon was the holdout... One Sunday morning last December Joe Strummer faxed a message to Simonon urging him to stop being churlish and dig out his bass guitar. Simonon never had the chance to answer. Strummer died that very day... "

Also turn it up loud for AC/DC, Elvis Costello, The Police, and the Righteous Brothers.

Now speaking of Cleveland --- why don't the have the induction concert there? Why do they have it at the very un-rock Waldorf Astoria? Someone should alert Dennis Kucinich...

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