Friday, December 12, 2003

Out of touch

Just on the incredibly random chance that someone is reading this, my e-mail has been down all day. Since 11:30 AM Thursday, I have only gotten one message. Not even so much as a v1agr@ ad or a LOWEST INTEREST RATES. Just one message - from my ole pal Joe Lieberman.

I blame him. Why not.

Also, last night I was polled for the millionth time, but I think this was an actual poll and not a voter ID call, since I early and repeatedly IDd myself as Dean and I know it wasn't Dean's folks calling.

The highlight was when the caller was reading the list of candidates, got tounge-tangled, and actually pronounced the name of the Connecticut Senator as, I kid you not, "Jew Lieberman."

Then I got the "thermometer" question.

Pollster: "Rate the following individuals on a thermometer, with 0 being the coldest and 100 the hottest."

Deeth: "OK"

Pollster: "George W. Bush."

Deeth: "Nine below zero." (squeezing in a gratuitous Dylan reference)

Pollster (humourlessly): "You can't go below zero."

Deeth: "Are you sure?" (it gets pretty cold in December in Iowa...)

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