Thursday, April 01, 2004

Space Geek Report

Clear skies again tonight and I topped my previous feat by viewing the ancient astronomical perfecta all in the telescope:

  • Mercury rapidly disappearing into the sunset
  • Venus as high and bright as it ever gets, en route to the June 8 transit, passing right by the Pleiades for a couple days (got them both in the same field of view)
  • Mars, much much faded from the glory of last summer
  • Jupiter, with three Galilean moons on one side and one on the other
  • Saturn, with the air still enough for me to maybe make out the rings (my eyes are getting worse!)
  • The Moon at waxing gibbous, with really nice relief on the big craters of the southern hemisphere

    Then I topped the ancients an hour later by checking out a space station pass.

    The scientific evidence from these observations is that I'm a bigger space geek than I thought.
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