Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Don't call Rove at the Congressional Hearings

Don't call Rove at the Congressional Hearings

The blogosphere is afire with Rove and Plame and various calls for various actions against the mighty Turd Blossom. But this at Talk Left has an angle that recommends restraint and patience:

Please investigate. Investigate the entire mess, and start with the leak and move to Cheney's profiteering, and then to impeachment.

But, if you expect any one to prosecute, do not call the target as a witness and make him or her testify and compromise any prosecution. Back during Iran-Contra, I couldn't tell whether Congress was handing Oliver North a "get out of jail free" card, trying to get at the truth to embarrass the administration, or both.

In the modern term-limit turnover political culture, institutional memory gets lost. It's easy to forget that North got off on... perhaps not a technicality, but because of the exclusion of anything to do with his Congressional testimony.

Rove is a tempting, emotionally satisfying target, but perhaps he can get us to the big fish.

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